How to Save Children from Corona Virus? Know The Tips.

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Save Children from Corona Virus
The fear of Corona surrounds everyone. People are not out of the house unless necessary. So if anyone is having a hard time with Corona Lockdown, they’re the little ones. Because my parents would never let them go out. How many houses will you sit in? School, tuition closed. Playing outside is prohibited. Not allowed to go to friends. How will their day be cut?
Parents dance even when they understand their children’s plight. This is because of the risk of corona disease in children and adults.

They have low levels of immunity. “In each case, the people have, for the first time, been offered a chance to vote.
So our responsibility is to protect the child, even if there is no one around.

According to the UNICEF website, children and adolescents have been diagnosed with Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in the past few days. It is thought to be associated with Covid-19.
With all these symptoms, there is a fear of corona.

Children are more likely to develop coronary heart disease if they have a fever, fever, reddening of the eyes, redness of the eyes, swelling of the eyes, redness of the lips, tongue, hands and feet.
In addition, the child will have problems with digestion. Blood pressure or blood pressure will decrease. The various parts of the body will appear to be swollen. Over the past few months, most of the children who have had these problems have tested positive. Of course, all of this is a symptom of corona disease.

These symptoms are more common in children with corona disease, especially in North America and European countries. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.
UNICEF has warned that if a child has such symptoms, a doctor should be consulted immediately. Although it is very difficult to diagnose the disease at an early stage, it can be exacerbated and reduced inflammation of the body.

No matter how bad the child is, they can learn and understand something new faster than adults. So make sure small children are well informed about corona.

Tips For Save Children from Corona Virus

Make sure the child is aware of all this-
-Explain the benefits of wearing a mask. Also tell us how the mask can protect us from corona.
-Learn to wash your hands well before eating. Also ask for a  Best hand sanitizer before touching the face or other parts of the body. Give the child sanitizers so that they can use them where necessary.
-Explain how children will be harmed if they insist on fasting and how they can become infected. Also explain the usefulness of a healthy diet.

-When a child has a fever or cough, try to find out if it is a coronary symptom or a common cold without fear. Seek medical advice immediately.

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