How to Keep Your Skin Hydrated in Winters

Keep Your Skin Hydrated in Winters

Winter is a season loved by many; the chilly weather is great for snacking on warm delights and sitting by the window, having a cup of tea. When you think about winter you think about cozy sweaters, snuggling blankets, and warm desserts with a bunch of your loved ones. What you don’t think about or rather don’t want to think about is the dry itchy skin; nobody wants that feeling to spoil all the winter glory. Well, don’t worry, for today will be the day all the secrets of having plump healthy skin will be revealed. It’s time to say hello to hydrating skincare products! Keep reading to know how you can keep your skin hydrated in winter.  

You must have noticed how your skin just refuses to deal with the cold dry winds in winter. The reason for that is that moisture in the air decreases during winter. You are forced to sit in front of heaters to have a respite from the chilly weather. This tends to dry out the skin even more resulting in fine lines and premature wrinkles making you age more quickly. There are a lot of things you can do to be safe from this, it won’t require a lot of effort and you will get your healthy skin back in no time. 

1.      Drink adequate water

It has been already established that during winter your body loses moisture. 2/3rd of our body is made up of water and we need to replenish it constantly during the months of winter to keep the moisture locked in. Dietary experts have always mentioned the importance of water in our body, not only does it help the organs inside the body but also our largest organ that is outside the body i.e the skin. Water helps in keeping your skin healthy, hydrated skin will show fewer wrinkles and fine lines making you look more youthful.

2.      Moisturize

 It is in the name itself, a moisturizer is the most important part of a daily skin routine. It is of vital importance to use high-quality and effective moisturizer at least once a day. Like the change of clothes, winter requires a change in skin products too. Lotus Herbals Nutramoist Skin Renewal Daily Moisturizing Creme SPF-25 is the best glow cream to use right after coming from a hot shower in winter; it will lock the moisture right into the skin. Always remember the creamier the moisturizer, the better is the result.

3.      Find the skincare product with the right formula

The topmost layer of our skin can get rough and patchy during winter. A good nourishing crème will help the skin slowly get back to its original form, but not just any nourishing crème will do the trick. You need to understand that just like everything in life, quality matters for achieving better results. Especially with skincare, you have to get the best quality products or you may do some unintentional damage to your skin. Sheamoist, Shea Butter, and Real Strawberry 24 Hour lotus herbal face moisturizer works great before going to bed, it is most effective for normal to dry skin. Use it generously all over your face, neck and hands in winter to keep your skin hydrated; it is ultimately the most important thing that will change the texture of your skin.

4.      No excessive showers

Yes, it is difficult to not spend a lot of time in hot showers during the cold months of winter. Especially when it feels so relaxing but there is a good reason why you should do it, excessive showers can also take away the moisture in your body. Getting rid of the natural oils will make your skin super dry hence there will be a need to reintroduce the moisture back into your body. And again Lotus Herbals Nutramoist Skin Renewal Daily Moisturising Creme SPF-25 will come in handy.

5.      Sunscreen is a must-have

If you were allowed to bring only two skin products with you anywhere in the world, the first one should be a moisturizer, the second one should be sunscreen. Vitamin D deficiency is a common problem today. A lot of people don’t get enough rich morning sunlight for a lot of reasons, mostly being work. Even if you do, the sun can also cause some extremely harmful effects on your body, therefore even doctors recommend using sunscreen at least 2-3 times during the day. Sunscreen should be applied even when you are inside your house. A lot of celebrities and skin experts never go out without a generous amount of sunscreen; it is an incredibly important routine everyone should apply in their daily lives.


Be it winter or any other season of the year, healthy skin is hydrated skin. For the skin to keep its hydration one needs to have a good moisturizer and a good sunscreen, quality of the product is essential for having great results. Whether you are a person who works from home or an office worker, a homemaker, or a salesman, everyone needs sunscreen not just to keep your skin healthy but also to protect it from the sun’s harmful rays. Stay safe, stay protected.

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