How to get additional reels views on Facebook

More than eight billion reels, or one hundred million hours of reels views on Facebook each day.

These figures were reported early last year. Thus imagine what proportion higher the numbers square measure nowadays as Facebook continues to grow and concentrate on reels.

Now is a decent time to require {a closer a better additional in-depth} check up on Facebook reels and the way you’ll be able to use reels to realize more fans on the platform.

With Facebook reels being a high priority for marketers, we’d prefer to assist you keep prior to this rising trend. During this post, you will learn seventeen useful tips to boost your Facebook reels visibility, engagement and distribution.

17 tips for additional Facebook reels view, shares and engagement

As Facebook continues to evolve and introduce new options, your reels promoting strategy ought to evolve also.

1. Produce reels blocks

Earlier this year, we have a tendency to spent $1,500 to search out what makes reels palmy on social media.

We found that sq. reels outperformed reels horizontally in terms of average engagement, views and reach, particularly on mobile devices.

2. Grab people’s attention inside the primary three seconds.

Facebook reels play mechanically to grab users’ attention and convert them to observe additional.

Therefore, your Facebook reels ought to have a powerful impact inside the primary few seconds and fascinate your audience, even while not sound.

3. Add subtitles to your reels.

85% of reels on Facebook square measure watched while not audio.

Although Facebook currently mechanically plays reels within the mobile News Feed with audio, it isn’t clear what number folks watch reels with audio turned on. Facebook users will shut down auto play with sound, and reels mechanically play while not sound once the portable is in silent mode.

I suspect most Facebook users still watch reels while not sound.

If the viewer cannot perceive your reels while not sound, chances are high that you will lose that viewer and therefore the chance to urge your message across.

To avoid this, you’ll be able to add subtitles to your reels via Facebook. Once you transfer your reels to Facebook, there’s a choice to transfer AN SRT file along with your subtitles. You’ll be able to conjointly add subtitles to existing reels on Facebook by redaction the reels.

(It seems that Facebook has introduced an automatic subtitling feature, thus you ought not to try this manually anytime soon).

4. Counsel that viewers click for audio.

Another way to override Facebook’s silent auto play of reels is to counsel viewer’s faucet for audio during a pop-up window.

Pop-ups will generally be annoying, that the style and temporal order ought to be acceptable to make a non-interruptive result.

5. Concentrate on one necessary purpose.

If you wish to create a commendable reels, concentrate on a degree that’s simple to grasp.

If your reels is simple to grasp, viewers square measure additional possible to share it as a result of it is easy for them to clarify what is thus nice regarding the reels once they share it.

6. Transfer your reels directly (via Buffer!).

Reels uploaded on to Facebook work far better than links to YouTube or similar reels platforms.

7. Write a descriptive title

Facebook recommends selecting a descriptive title to create the reels simple to search out.

Since Facebook receives over 2 billion searches on a daily basis, it’s value optimizing your reels for search.

You can add the title once you transfer your reels to Facebook.

8. Produce a replica specifically for Facebook

If you’ve got a presence on multiple social media platforms, you’ll generally need to share a video across platforms. A decent apply is to tailor your copy to every social media platform, as what works best on every platform varies.

9. Preview the video in your copy

Here’s in a different way to write down your Facebook video copy: shortly describe your video mistreatment your copy.

Taking the time to observe a video may be time overwhelming. Generally it will facilitate to supply a bit data regarding your video in your copy therefore folks will quickly decide if it’s price observation your video.

Informative text regarding the video combined with a relevant fingernail may be an excellent thanks to grab people’s attention as they scroll through their news feed.

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10. Add a decision to action

Having a decision to action (CTA) in your video may be a good way to encourage engagement, drive traffic to your web site and even convert viewers into customers.

11. Tag different pages

Another feature you’ll be able to use to undertake and unfold the word regarding your video on Facebook is to tag different Facebook pages that have either contributed to the video or that you just would love to unfold the word regarding the video.

12. Opt for your most popular audience for your reels

 Relevancy may be a key issue that Facebook’s formula takes into consideration once inserting posts in users’ news feeds.

13. Use the info to grasp video performance

Facebook provides metrics like minutes watched, video reads and average view time, which may give nice insight into that reels area unit generating the foremost engagement along with your viewers.

14. Head to live streaming

If you wish additional folks to observe your reels and see your Facebook posts, take into account going continue to exist Facebook.

15. Show a video on your page.

Facebook permits you to feature a video underneath the “Reels” tab on your page, which is able to mechanically play. This could be an excellent thanks to brag your best reels to those that have an interest in observation your reels.

16. Boost with Facebook ads

Facebook’s in-depth information regarding its users makes it an excellent platform to run ads to achieve a bigger audience along with your video.

You can use Facebook ads to market your reels to a selected audience.

17. Imbed Facebook reels in journal posts

You can conjointly imbed Facebook reels into your journal posts to achieve additional folks.

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