How to enjoy the weekend for under $20

How to enjoy the weekend

We are going to bring you the best plans to enjoy from Friday to Sunday in the capital and its surroundings. Theater, concerts, restaurants, leisure …
Different plans to do as a couple or as a family, on our own or with friends, to take advantage of the infinite possibilities that Madrid offers . With no perimeter closure and with fewer COVID cases thanks to advances in vaccination, the Community of Madrid offers its attractions to locals and visitors, who will be able to discover why it is one of the places with a more varied leisure offer.
If you don’t know what to do this weekend in Madrid , we have brought you the best options, suitable for all tastes.
Take a look at our selection of plans in Madrid.
What to do on Friday in Madrid?
When we talk about what to do this enjoy weekend in Madrid , Friday is always the most complicated day. Working day, it does not always end at the same time and fatigue tightens after the whole week.
Go to a natural pool
We can also change the municipal pools for the natural pools of the Community of Madrid .
From the natural pools of Rascafría to the San Juan reservoir , there are several very interesting options to enjoy beaches and pools with water from rivers and reservoirs, where you can spend a Sunday with family or friends.
In some of these beaches it is also possible to go with our dog, so the experience is also extended to the canine members of the family.
Due to COVID-19 there are still some in which bathing is not allowed, but we can also have a picnic by the water and take advantage of the freshness and its natural and, in some cases, monumental surroundings.
Meet for a vermouth
Another essential plan for any Sunday in Madrid is to drink vermouth.
In this case, we are facing a less copious custom than brunch, in which the traditional Italian drink, consisting of wine macerated with different botanicals, is accompanied by some tapas such as preserves or sausages.
Among the best places to drink vermouth in Madrid we find ancient taverns from the 19th century such as Casa Alberto (1827) or the Bodega de la Ardosa (1897).
Also, if we prefer something more modern, we can choose the Vermutería Chipén or La Castela , recently renovated and with international options. The important thing for this plan is, basically, to choose a good company.
Vermouth and culinary delights will do the rest for a great Sunday.
Therefore, our recommendation is to do fun activities and, above all, that allow us to disconnect from the week. May we welcome the weekend as it deserves, leaving all worries for Monday.
Friday is the first day of the weekend and it has to be noticed!
A dinner for less than in $10
It may seem impossible, but there are enough cheap restaurants in Madrid to dine for less than $10 as we showed you in the previous article.

Going to dinner is always a good way to start the weekend, whether we are looking for plans as a couple and we want something romantic or we just want to hang out with our friends.

Now that discos and other nightlife options are not allowed, dining has become a must on Fridays. If you fancy a traditional plan, you can dine for less than € 10 in places like Pez Tortilla , one of the trendiest tapas bars or the much more traditional Bodeguilla Los Rotos .
If you want to travel from Madrid with the palate, Souvlakeria Egeo takes you to Greece, Takos al Pastor to Mexico and Prep ‘La Crêpe to France, among other options.
Ten hotels for less than 20 dollar to spend a weekend at the beach
With the fall of the State of Alarm, circulation in the country is free and the Spanish have taken to the roads to enjoy the new freedom. In good weather, one of the most desirable plans is to escape to the beach
Hotel Censal Villajoyosa (Av. Del País Valencià, 25, Villajoyosa, Alicante. Telephone: 966 85 00 17). In the heart of this picturesque town on the Alicante Costa Blanca, and very close to its famous houses with colorful facades, this small hotel is located next to the Censal Park and just a few steps from the urban beach. The property has a bicycle rental service. Price : superior double room, 10$ / night. * You can book here .
Hotel Juan Carlos (Av. Garrucha, 23, Carboneras, Almería; Telephone: 950 13 00 84). This simple hotel with all the comforts is located in the Almeria town of Carboneras, just five minutes by car from the Cabo de Gata-Nijar nature reserve. It is a few steps from the beaches of Carboneras and Lancón. Price : double room, 15 dollar
/ night. * You can book here .
joy the good weather on a terrace
Another option is to enjoy the best outdoor terraces in Madrid to take advantage of the good weather.
Here are options for all tastes. From rooftops with great views such as El Círculo de Bellas Artes , La Terraza del Urban or Hotel Emperador , to ground-level options such as the famous Florida Park in Retiro or Bocanegra.
As vaccination continues to progress and we achieve herd immunity, having something outdoors is the best way to safely enjoy the weekend, in places where the COVID protocol is kept.
They put the drink and the food, you will have to put the company. Today, a maximum of 6 people can be on the terrace.
Night at the theater in Madrid
Another very interesting option is to take a look at the theater billboard in Madrid and see what works we are interested in about it.
Right now on the billboard there are very interesting options such as The Message at the Lara Theater , a play starring Natalia Millán , in which she must tell her most unspeakable secrets to her family in exchange for receiving an inheritance of one million euros. Sounds good right?
If we have not yet seen Burundanga , the most successful comedy of the last decade, it may also be a very good option to come and see it at the Maravillas Theater in what is now its eleventh season.
Another hilarious comedy that we can see is Climax at the Alfil Theater . In this case we are facing a work that covers universal themes such as relationships, love, passion, motherhood, problems of jealousy and revenge.

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