How to bring peace into your life with healing buddha?

How to bring peace into your life with healing buddha?

Did you feel anxious in life? Even if you have many things in your life but you don’t feel at peace. Or you have someone in your home who is ill and that worries you. Or there is just too much negativity around, so much that you can’t seem to break through it. Or if you are feeling trapped and have nowhere to go? When you reach home do you not feel calm? If you are suffering even from one thing that we have stated above. Then, you might feel the lack of peace in your life.

Peace is not just something only monks or saints are entitled to, but everyone in this world should have peace from inside to outside. We humans are smart creatures with a complex mind and much more complex subconscious. Due to our elaborated mind and difficult to understand concepts, we tend to make some simple things more complex than they actually are.Most of the time we just want peace in our life.

When we talk about peace and healing, people might think about having a bubble bath, going to a spa, getting nails done, going on a vacation and many more instagram worthy things but beyond all of that there are other ways of doing self care. The things that we think or are marketed as healing and self care might not work for everyone.

We are not saying that lighting scented candles is not relaxing, we are saying that if you are in search of inner peace and healing then just lighting candles and having an aesthetic instagram account will definitely not stop it. So how are we going to bring peace into our life? 

When we talk about different ways from which we can bring peace into our life. We must consider the most important way through which countless people have achieved peace into their life. We are talking about spirituality. Spirituality can have different meanings for different people. But to get a basic understanding we can think of it as a connection with something bigger than ourselves, which helps us to feel a lot of positive emotions and brings positive changes in life.

There could be many reasons for a person to feel like they are not resonating with the higher frequency. This could be due to the negative energy surrounding you or maybe something has happened because of which you are not feeling up to the mark.

Here, in this article we will talk about how a healing buddha can help with bringing peace into our life. As we know that Buddhism was born from the need to find truth, answers and peace. What could be a better way to welcome peace into your life with the help of someone who is known for love, peace and health.

How can a healing buddha bring peace into your life?

We were talking about spirituality and buddhism. The origin of the birth of Buddhism lies in the roots of curiosity and thirst to know about the true knowledge. When we are talking about the ways a healing buddha can bring peace into our life. To show you the ways about how a brass buddha can bring peacefulness into our life. 

The healing buddha is also known as medicine buddha. His real name is Bhaisayaguru. Lord Buddha is known for his 12 vows through which he is guiding people back to godhood and saving them from all kinds of suffering. He is said to reside in the Vaiduryanirbhasa. Lord medicine buddha is the god of medicine in Buddhism. 

  • Higher frequency – when you are dealing with the negative energies around you constantly then it is quite normal for you to feel like you have been drained from your own positivity. When you have a brass buddha statue in your home. He will act like the untapped reservoir of positive energy which will keep you full with positive energy.
  • Better recovery – As Lord healing buddha is the god of medicine and healing in buddhism. Whether you are ill or still recovering from the illness it is believed that having a brass buddha statue of medicine buddha will help you to get blessed with good health and will prevent you from getting ill.
  • Get rid of negativity – Having a constant presence of negativity drains our life from the positive vibration. When we talk about negative energy, we must understand that it blooms from the negative emotions like anger, guilt, sadness, jealousy, envy and other things when we feel them continuously, we tend to feel the spike of negativity as well. When we have a medicine buddha idol at our home, the positive energy is so strong that it will drive all the negativity out of your home.
  •  Protection from evil spirits – There are two types of people in this world who believe in the existence of ghosts and evil spirits and others who don’t. But then why should we risk the peace of our life either way. Especially when we can avoid their pesky presence with the help of a shiny healing buddha that will keep your house safe from all kinds of evil spirits. A beautiful brass buddha statue will keep the positivity intact. 
  • Enhances mental well being – when you are surrounded with negativity and negative emotions on a daily basis, it will surely impact your mental health sooner or later. Many people believe that having a Buddha statue in any form will help in betterment of mental well being. When we are talking about mental health and well-being, in Buddhism, they believe that not just a healthy body but a healthy mind constitutes an overall well being. 
  • Vaastu dosha – Vastu dosha refers to the negative energy that forms at the home due to the wrong or ill alignment of housing architecture. The Vaastu problem can occur if a person continuously deals with  the negative energy which can lead to having Vasstu dosh. Many experts believe that by having a Brass buddha statue, we can reduce the ill effects of vastu dosha or if we place the buddha statue correctly then we can completely get rid of Vastu dosha.

How to bring peace into your life with the healing buddha?

We have talked about the importance of having peace in our life without which we can not live your life to its fullest. To tackle the problem of not having peace in your life. We can start with inner self, like meditation and exercises can help with the improvement of inner peace. We have also suggested trying spirituality, which has helped a lot of people by improving their life quality. At the end we will suggest you to have a better lifestyle with the help and blessing of Lord Buddha.

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