How to bet on football


Football betting is by far the most popular in the world of sports betting and there are many factors that make this sport one of the best to bet on: it is played all year round; it is followed around the world and offers a vast number of matches. Also, there are tons of football leagues like Champions League, Europa League, Serie A, Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga and so on. And it doesn’t stop there.

Types of football bets

Betting on correct goals

Another very popular football bet is guessing the exact number of goals scored in a match. You can select one of the following modes:

Over / under: you will have to identify a total number of goals and predict if a greater or lesser number of goals will be scored during the match;

Odd / Even: In this bet you will have to guess whether the number of goals scored will be odd or even.

Goals / No Goals: it is a question of betting whether goals are scored during the entire match or if no goals are scored.

Total Goals: This type of bet is based on the exact number of total goals that will be scored by both teams during the match. To learn more about the technical terms in football betting, we refer you to our sports glossary where we see the most used ones and their definition.

Betting on football tournaments

Betting on who will win a football tournament is a very popular choice among players. These bets are generally considered to be long-term. But there are not only bets on the winners of a tournament, such as the victory of Manchester City in the Premier League or Argentina in the America’s Cup for example. With football betting you can bet on hundreds of outcomes, such as the final placement of a team in the league, elimination from a tournament or the best result between two opponents.

Special football bets

You can also bet on some specific events at almost any time. Betting on who will be the first Premier League manager to be sacked, or on the summer transfer campaign is ideal to whet your desire to bet on new and interesting football bets.
Betting on transfers means betting on the team that will acquire a player at the end of a certain transfer window. Typically, the favorite club is the one the player is already playing for. However, if the current club is given 10 to 1, it is very likely that the player is on the verge of switching teams.

What is a football betting withdrawal?

The term “Withdraw” is widely used in football betting and is used when you decide to cash out your bet, whether it was made before the match or during the game. Depending on the current live odds and the cost of your bet, you could make a profit when you withdraw. Sometimes, players decide to withdraw even without a profit, to limit their losses.

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