How Scan & Pay technology is redefining shopping experience: Benefits of Scan & Pay technology

Scan & Pay

Scan and Pay method has become one of the popular payment methods this year. This mobile-based payment facility enables fund transfer by scanning a quick response (QR) code using an app that supports this feature. These QR codes are accepted everywhere, from paying bills to purchasing vegetables from a nearby grocery store. Hence, users can quickly scan the code to pay directly instead of worrying about keeping the ‘exact change’ in cash. The popularity of this method is due to its convenience and the fact that it is ‘contactless.’ 

With Scan and pay technology, one can quickly scan the QR code of any merchant and transfer money to their bank account. The best part of such a payment app is that one can quickly pay the money without adding the bank account number, IFSC code, and waiting for an OTP. Additionally, the transaction is done instantly, and everyone has accepted and embraced this technology. ‘Scan & Pay’ has redefined the customer shopping experience from brick-and-mortar stores to e-commerce stores. This is why the Scan and Pay payment method has recorded more transactions offline than for online purchases. Let’s check out the benefits of the Scan & Pay method.

Benefits of Scan Pay

Contactless Payment

QR code scanner is contactless. This is the safest way for payments as the pandemic hasn’t ended yet, and social distancing is still being followed. Thus, contactless payments using Scan and Pay are safer than other options. 

Ease of Payments

UPI scan is more convenient than mobile payments as users don’t have to save another person’s phone number for transferring funds. They have to scan the QR code using the best payment app and confirm the payment. The payment is made within a few seconds.

Secure, Real-Time Payments

QR code payments are secure. It doesn’t require much information. It just acts as a tool to exchange encrypted data. Hence the payments made using UPI scan are totally secure.

Physical Debit Card Is Not Required

Users just need a smartphone to make the payment. There is nothing else required to complete the payment. So, even if they forget their wallet at home, they can still have the freedom to make payments easily with Scan & Pay.

Cashless Way of Payments

Though debit and credit cards subdued the need to carry cash around, it still wasn’t accepted for small payments or in small shops. Card payments come with a processing fee. Scan and Pay makes payments convenient as one can even pay Rs 10 at stores, giving them the convenience of going 

cashless. Additionally, the processing charges are also not availed in this payment mechanism.


Scan and Pay are reliable and safer. The information is kept safe and is end-to-end encrypted to make it secure.

UPI scan is one of the best ways to make payments. Installing a reliable app to carry out secure transactions that can offer cashback simultaneously will give the best value for every transaction. So, install a cashback app today.

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