How Much Hygienic is Bakery Packaging?

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Like Every other products, food items also need proper packaging for protection and also for special chemical, physical and biological needs. Packaging container usually has nutritional facts and other information about food packed inside. Food packaging should be selected with greater care compared to other packaging where health is not an issue. While selecting food packaging container along with the protection and attractive display the other major thing is packaging material composition. And make sure that your packaging material should not react with your product or don’t mix up with your food stored inside it.

Food safety is the most critical thing while processing, packaging, storage and use. Health risks of packaging material need to be controlled with greater care. Toxic and carcinogenic chemicals need to be kept away from food contact and mixing up in food. After selecting a perfect raw material for packaging box the other most important thing is hygiene. Packaging machinery often needs cleaning and washing operation depending upon the packaging process and the food.

Proper Bakery Packaging:

The general directions for packaging, storage and transportation of food items focus mainly on packaging material quality and composition:

  1. Bakery packaging material must not be dangerous for human health.
  2. It should not generate an unhealthy change in food composition or deterioration in its organic characteristics.
  3. Food must be packed properly in order to protect from contamination of hazardous chemicals. It must be secure enough to keep food hygienic and fresh.
  4. Properly enclosed box will also protect the food from flies carrying different types of health effecting germs.
  5. Packaging material must be 100% bio degradable for ensuring healthy environment. In case of custom printed bakery box, the ink used must be organic and eco-friendly.

Baker Boxes:

Boxes for packaging baked products are designed in variety of ways according to the type of product which is supposed to be packed inside. Box must have to ensure protection and hygiene to that specific product because health should never be compromised.

  1. Square shaped box is commonly used for packaging cake and a small box for cup cakes, cookies and other baked items like this. This box usually has side locks to close the box properly for protecting the delicate cake from damage and contamination. Food control authorities are highly functional to ensure the availability of healthy food items to masses which will reduce the burden of hospitals and improve the public health. This box is perfect choice for safe enclosure of baked items. Standard size boxes are readily available for sale from packaging manufacturing companies. If you want a box with other than standard dimension then that can also be made for you in minimum possible time according to your given specifications. Custom bakery box will be exactly what you want.
  2. Rectangular bakery boxes are used for packaging pastries, donuts, cookies and other eatables like this. These boxes are usually lined with polythene sheet from inside to prevent box getting moist or oily. This sheet also protects the food from getting contaminated from packaging box material. These boxes also have side locks and a top lid to keep the things protected from external environment.
  3. Window display boxes give asthenic look to the baked items, in window boxes; the window is covered with polythene sheet properly to keep food away from dust and germs and to ensure freshness of the product. In toy packaging boxes the window can be kept open but it is not applicable in bakery packaging boxes.
  4. Customization of bakery boxes is so much in trend. Bakeries custom print packaging boxes for effective branding. Company’s logo and products features are mentioned on the box. This helps easy access of the customer to his/her desired product. For better progress of your business always try to comfort your customer because your loyal customers are the reason behind the growth of your business. And a custom bakery packaging box makes your customer feel special and for how long it stays at home, it keep on reminding about you and the contact details and address printed on box help them to easily approach you next time. Buying eatables for markets is highly risky. But properly enclosed packaging box promises the premium quality food inside thus help buyer to decide.
  5. Custom printing of bakery packaging boxes is a common trend these days and is also considered mandatory. Most of the packaging companies offer free custom printing to their customers in single colors. If you want printing in more than one color then they charge you for rest of the colors. Pizza packaging box is mostly made up of corrugated cardboard material which is usually brown in color. Pizza selling brands custom print packaging boxes to give a tempting look so that customer can’t resist buying it. These custom packaging boxes have die cut opening which keep the box closely packed to keep it hygienic and fresh. This die cut opening style is a bit tricky for kids to open if in case left un-attended.

Packaging manufactures custom make boxes according to buyer’s choice. If you want to order custom bakery boxes and don’t know well about various types of materials being used the design for your specific product then there is nothing to worry at all. Packaging companies are ready to help you. Their team of highly skilled and professional designers guides you to make a choice which adores your product and is cost efficient as well.

Custom packaging bakery packaging boxes are available at wholesale rates. No matter how big or small your order is packaging manufacturers will warmly welcome you and will make it simple and easy for you. All you have to do is to place your order and then relax. Your order will be delivered to you on time in best possible quality more than what you expected.

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