For many websites, Google News has been a reliable source of traffic for several years. It used to be simple because there were just a few publishers on Google News. However, many websites are now using Google News to drive traffic to their blogs and websites. Google News, on the other hand, is still a strong source of website traffic for producing high-quality content.

If you’re new to Google News, I recommend reading What You Need to Know about Google News.

In this post, I’ll walk you through the process of adding your website or blog to Google News. It’s not simple, but if you follow all of the procedures perfectly, you’ll have a better chance of getting your website into the headlines.


1. The look and feel of your website

The topic of your website is crucial in getting you authorized by Google News. It should be in the manner of a magazine, containing relevant parts of reasonable news on various themes such as politics, education, entertainment, technology, and so on.

The topic must resemble a news website, as the name implies. There are numerous topics to choose from, and if you use WordPress, you may continue to utilize the subject of a popular magazine-style theme.

Today’s prominent news sites in India include The Times of India, All India Review, and more.

2. Your website must have all needed information:

This page About Us, Contact Us, Media Kit, and author pages must all be included on your website. In each of them, you must include an About Us page that includes a list of all the authors as well as a brief resume.

3. A team of individuals must work on the website:

This is self-evident. Every day, one individual cannot generate a large amount of material. As a result, it should include at least 2-3 authors who cover diverse themes on a daily basis.

4. Do not publish work updates, announcements, or directions on social media:

This is one of the most common blunders. The Google News TOS expressly prohibits the posting of jobs and job announcements. As a result, if you have any articles regarding employment updates and notifications on your computer, you must remove them before applying for Google News.

You can, however, post certain employment updates once your website has been completely authorized by Google News.

Furthermore, do not make operating instructions public. The news will not accept a website with a how-to guide since the name implies that the website must be updated with the most recent news information, not a how-to guide. If you publish a how-to guide, make sure it’s not included in the news sitemap.

5. On the post page, there’s a profile of the author.

The author’s name must be included, although a bio is typically not necessary. However, having an author profile will enhance your chances of being approved if you are applying for permission.

6. The information must be divided into sections/categories.

Because Google News will ask for several sections when you apply for Google News, such as headlines, technology, and entertainment, every news website has certain categories, so the material is separated into multiple categories.

7. You must post a large number of articles per day.

In general, it is said that if you produce three pieces each day, you will be able to break into the news. But believe me when I say that this isn’t enough. Before the application, you must publish at least 10 articles per day and at least 15 articles per day.

8. Grammar is very important.

Someone from the Google News team will carefully examine your application. They will try their best to check the entire website, and they will read a couple of the items on your site manually. As a result, even if you fulfill all of the above criteria, your application will be automatically denied if your website is grammatically wrong.

9. Sitemap for Google News and news keyword tags

The sitemap for Google News is slightly different than the sitemap for your blog. At any given moment, a maximum of 1,000 URLs can be added to the Google News Sitemap index.

You’ll also need a name for the folder named news keywords. However, while this is initially optional, having a tag on your blog will enhance your chances of being accepted.

I strongly advise you to use the Yoast SEO News Plugin for these two. This is a premium plugin that you must pay for if you are a WordPress user.

You may also use the Google News XML plugin for sitemaps and Google News keywords from the news keywords label of the tag plugin news keywords.

10. If you can’t do the entire above, try this.

If you complete all of the above procedures successfully, you will be able to access Google News; nevertheless, I understand that the following tasks are tough to do and will take some time.

Furthermore, even if you have completed all of the preceding procedures, your application may still be denied for unexplained reasons.

You may also buy a domain name that is listed in Google News. Flippa and the sale of other marketplaces expired / parked domain names are already published in Google News by a number of brokers. You will spend between $500 and $5000 depending on the demand for the domain/website.

Go to this website and click on the Google News Publisher Center at the bottom of the page once you’ve completed all of the steps. It takes 2–5 days to find out if your application was approved or refused. If it’s turned down, you’ll have to wait another 90 days. So please give it your all on the first try.

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