How did Corona change our mindset, why fear about everything?

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In the event of a Corona Crisis, there are specific reactions of individuals. Some people start having reactions immediately, while in some people it is late. Reactions also come in different forms. If there is a contagious epidemic, then there is a fear among the people that they or their family members may not get the infection.

At present, there is an atmosphere of fear due to corona infection. When a person is constantly in fear of this type of infection, then a stress situation persists and he takes many precautions. Such as not going out unnecessarily, not coming in contact with someone unfamiliar, taking care of hygiene, etc. In such a situation when a person gets out of the house for their own or important work, a tense atmosphere is created and after coming back there is a fear and confusion in the person’s mind that he / her Necessary and sufficient precautions are taken when going out and after coming back.

There has been a situation that the person is apprehensive about the uncertainties of his future. People who are living away from their homes and alone, they continue to worry about themselves and their people. At the time of this infectious disease, they also worry about what will happen to their business or job? Will the job go somewhere? What if there is a crisis in their business or job? How will the livelihood of him and his family be discharged? What will be the impact of this contagious epidemic on the economy of the country and the world? Will they get any work, occupation or job after the epidemic?

To fight the problem, it is necessary to have mental and physical health and to have harmony between them.

Many students are also upset due to this corona infection. An atmosphere of uncertainty has been created in front of him as to what will happen to his studies. Where to take admission next, what will happen to their session examinations, how can they get admission in the next session without examination, etc.? To those students who wanted to go out of the country for studies, their future seems to be dark.

A huge psychological effect is seen in people that people start unnecessarily compiling items of daily use. There seems to be competition among them to buy as much as they can gather in the house, but its consequences can also be catastrophic. For example, shopkeepers increase the value of goods, hoarding begins, there may be a shortage of essentials in the market, and crowding for shopping can also increase the risk of infection. Right now, such behavior of people is also being seen.

How did Corona change our mindset, why fear about everything?

Corona change our mindset

Routine turmoil

Another type of disorder that is seen during corona infection is insomnia or hyper-sleepiness in many people. Due to being in the house round the clock, there has been a lot of upheaval in people’s routines. On the one hand, where some people are troubled by the problem of not sleeping at night, on the other hand, some people get excessive sleep. Both types of problems are harmful to people’s physical and mental health.

Irritability Problem

Fear of corona has also caused anger and irritability in people. In general, men are not used to working in homes in India. Currently, they have to work at home and work in an office and also have to cooperate in the house work. The problem of stress, anger, and irritability is increasing due to a lack of balance between work at home and office.

Some individuals have an eagerness to know what is happening in the country, what effect the corona infection is having in the country and abroad, and so they are constantly sitting in front of the television.

The condition of many people who used to go to gymnasiums for physical exercise is also bad. His daily routine is changing, his exercise habit is getting lost. All of these are in the form of headache, acidity, indigestion, etc. There is a great impact on the physical and mental health of the person, which is not desirable.

If you are suffering from anxiety, fear, despair, if you are feeling unhappy and helpless yourself, if you are feeling hungry, lack of sleep, and constant tiredness and despite many efforts, you cannot get through all this. You should contact a psychiatrist or psychologist soon.

Keep yourself busy

Also watch the news once a day, so that you will get news of the country and the world, but you should avoid watching it again and again. Apart from this, you should watch the films that you wanted to see but could not see due to daily busyness. Apart from all this, one should keep himself busy in creative works like reading, writing, listening to songs, singing, painting, or making new dishes every day. You should also spend some time with your loved ones present or for those who are far away and you should interact with them through video calls from mobile, by doing this they will also feel good.

Along with all these things, attention needs to be paid to your food type and time as well. A complete meal should be taken with protein, vitamins, minerals, etc. Light substances like green vegetables, fruits, milk, curd, amla, lemon should be consumed. By eating pure, light, and fresh food, you will feel healthy both physically and mentally.

That’s why to be happy and safe. Sit at your home and spend a good time with family, which we always looked forward to.

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