Historic decision of the Family Court of UP, Woman will give alimony to husband

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The allowance for the maintenance of the husband is also available. The allowance will be paid by the wife of the applicant. We are not saying this, but a family court in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, made such a historic decision during the hearing of a case.

According to national media reports, a man named Kishore Lal from UP was married to his wife Munni Devi 30 years ago. But it was only a few days after the marriage that the two broke up for some reason, which led to the separation of the two. At the time, Muni Devi, the wife of Kishore Lal, was a fourth-class officer in the Indian Army in Kanpur. Now that he is retired, he is earning his living in Gujarat with a pension of Rs 12,000. Even the teenager Lal is opening a tea shop to feed her stomach.

The historic decision of the Family Court during this Covid19 … Women will give alimony to husband, After the divorce.

But four years ago, the teenager went to the door of the Red Family Court. And pleaded before the court for a monthly allowance from his wife to support his miserable condition. During the hearing, the family court ordered his wife, Munni Devi, to pay a monthly stipend of Rs 2,000 for her husband Kishore Lal’s walk.

2 thousand rupees a month

On the other hand, the teenager was living by selling red tea. Seven years ago, Kishori Lal filed a suit in the family court, demanding alimony from his wife. He said that the wife gets a pension of 12 thousand rupees, so she should get some part of it. After a lengthy hearing, the court ruled in favor of Kishori Lal and ordered his wife to pay Rs. 2000 as alimony to Kishori Lal.

Kishori Lal is not happy

Kishori Lal is not happy with the court’s decision, saying that he should have got at least a quarter of the pension. He said that during the lockdown, his condition became miserable due to the closure of the tea shop and somehow he had to make a living by asking people. Not only this, Kishori Lal also spent a lot of money in fighting the case.

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