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Civil Lawyer in Pakistan for Divorce:

 If for divorce you need a civil lawyer in Pakistan or law firm in Pakistan you may contact Nazia Law Associates. Divorce does not invalidate a will but may make it largely ineffective. It is because any gift to the former spouse will no longer take effect, and nor will the appointment of the ex-husband/wife as executor through civil lawyer in Pakistan or law firm in Pakistan.

Different Effect:

In effect, the ex-spouse is cut out of the Will, but the rest will take effect in the usual way. This rule is subject to there being no ‘contrary intention’ in the Will -so if it is made clear that the spouse is to have the gift even if there is a divorce, then the gift will remain valid. Remember that if the divorce is followed by remarriage, then the new marriage will invalidate the Will. So, the ex-spouse will get nothing unless a new will is executed in which a gift is made to her (or unless she can apply to the court through civil lawyer in Pakistan or law firm in Pakistan under the family-provision legislation.

Husband/Wife Divorced:

If a divorced husband/wife is cut out of the Will in this way, then his/her share will go to the person entitled to the residue (i.e., all parts of the estate that are not specifically given to other people). Sometimes, of course, this is not what was intended. For instance, suppose a husband makes a will leaving his house to his wife, but if she should die before him, it is to go to the children. The residue is to go to his brother.

Law Firm in Lahore:

If they are then divorced and do not rewrite his Will through civil lawyer in Pakistan or law firm in Pakistan, then the house will not go to the wife on his death. She will have been cut out. However, it will not go to the children – as was probably intended – but will go to the brother (i.e., because he takes the residue). So, if you are getting divorced, your ex-spouse will be cut out of Will – but you should think carefully about what will happen to his/her share. If you do not want it to go to the person entitled to the residue, you should alter your Will through civil lawyer in Pakistan or law firm in Pakistan to deal specifically with the point.

Can you agree not to alter your Will? The general rule is that a will is not a contract, and so a disappointed beneficiary cannot sue for breach of contract if he is not left what the testator promised him. It is because a person is free to alter his or her Will as she pleases. For instance, if a poor relative of a rich person agrees to be a housekeeper for that person on the basis that ‘you will have the house when I’ve gone’-then the poor relative cannot claim off the estate if the house is left to someone else. However, there is one exception to this. Suppose there was a binding contract between the testator and the disappointed beneficiary.

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