Get Nadra Divorce Certificate After Court Decree from Abroad

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Nadra Divorce Certificate After Court Decree from Abroad:

Some Pakistanis who live abroad but are Pakistani nationals take divorce from abroad for all those Pakistanis who file and take divorce from the court of other countries have to get Nadra divorce certificate from Pakistan also.

Divorce From Other Country:

Whether they marry or get a divorce from other countries, all the Pakistanis abroad have to get the Nadra divorce certificate from Pakistan. Nadra keeps the record of all the Pakistani citizens. These records contain the history of Pakistani’s marriage, birth, death, and divorce records, so it is the duty of all the Pakistani citizens, whether living in Pakistan or abroad, that they have to get themselves registered as a divorcee in the Nadra system.

As a Citizen of Pakistan:

Only those Pakistani citizens who have registered themselves as a divorcee in Nadra will be considered a divorcee in Pakistan. Those who are not Pakistani citizens but have married a Pakistani national have to register themselves as a divorcee in the Nadra system if their marriage was registered in Pakistan. In case if a person has got a valid divorce from abroad, in this case, he might be considered as a divorcee in that country but will not be legally recognized as a divorcee in Pakistan. In Pakistan, a person will be legally considered a divorcee only when issued a valid Nadra divorce certificate.

Divorce Certificate in Pakistan:

How to get a Nadra divorce certificate in Pakistan? To get a valid Pakistani divorce certificate, you have to get an attested copy of the court decree for divorce. These divorce orders or regulations have to be attested from the ministry of foreign affairs or, in some cases, should be notarized. Then these court orders should be attested from the Pakistani embassy and submitted to the arbitration council, where the proceedings of divorce certificate will be initiated. The person who starts the proceedings will have to appear in person or through his lawyer.

Why Overseas Pakistani Can In Country For Divorced:

If a person is not in Pakistan or, for some reason, cannot come to Pakistan, then in such a case, he can also appoint a special power of attorney through the embassy. For appointing a special power of attorney, you must ask your solicitor or a lawyer in Pakistan to prepare a draft of the special power of attorney for you. Once the draft is ready, take it to the embassy, get it attested, and post your special attorney. Then, either the party him or herself or the special attorney appointed through the embassy will conduct the proceedings of the arbitration council in Pakistan. The arbitration council takes about three months to finalize the proceedings. After finalizing proceedings, the Nadra divorce certificate in Pakistan is issued, which can be collected himself or his special power of attorney will gather the Nadra divorce certificate on behalf of the party concerned. To expedite the procedure of Pakistani divorce certificate better to contact a lawyer in Pakistan who will guide you step by step. A specialist family lawyer in Pakistan can also get you the Nadra divorce certificate in a few days.

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