Game On: 4 Ways to Brand Integration Your Video Game

Game On: 4 Ways to Brand Integration Your Video Game

Video games were a popular escape from reality for a long time. In connection with friends, every age and population finds value, challenges to overcome new levels of ability and develop new skills.

But people are completely different from what they did 30 years ago to play video games. People don’t just play — they escape to different worlds from their physical lives, where they can build virtuosofarms, build virtual companies and experience virtually.

The behaviour and thirst for “escape from a physical life” increased only during the pandemic.

Nielsen found that, during COVID-19 lockdowns, 82 percent of world consumers played video games and watched gaming content with global gaming revenues of over 174.9 billion dollars by 2020. You might be able to strike gold if you can properly use your brand space.

The growth of interactive games

Gaming was traditionally considered a category of niche, but this isn’t the case anymore. The 2020 Gamer segmentation report of the NPD Group states that 244 million Americans are playing video games. This is approximately 3 out of 4 people, up by 32 million from 2018. And more than ever, players: almost a third of them play more than 15 hours a week.

Gaming spans a lot of population

The space for your 0wn brand is ready to move with games spanning so many demographics. Every marketer’s dream is to create integrated organic brand awareness contents that are non-intrusive. And if you experience the game yourself – try it! You’ll

Rand Inclusion

Remember “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” brand integration opportunities in 2020? In the game, players can create individual outfits from brands such as Supreme and Gucci and decorate their homes with personalised artworks (sponsored by the Metropolitan Museum of Art).

In 2021, the editing tools for ‘NBA 2K21’ were used by Burger King Spain in the creation of a customised court called the ‘Menu Court.’ The downloadable court included photos of popular menu items and Burger King challenged players to shoot tricks. If players posted the Burger King and NBA 2K video on Twitter and tagged the hashtag #BKMenuCourt, free menu items were provided.

Modern game motors: charge your battery

As developers create more opportunities for brand integration, it is crucial to move into the gameplay and capitalise on its success. The bandwagon’s video game has already seen musicians, politicians, bands and other groups, so you would not have to ignore this phenomenon.

Game influencers partner.

Over time, many Twitch and YouTube gaming influencers have cultivated large, very committed follow-ups. You can strategically partner to the right audience with these creators.

For example, Andrew Telfer (alongside Nasher) collected his followers by playing the NHL series of video games on his channels. In the hockey niche he became so popular that he received patrons from Bauer, Gatorade, Adidas, SeatGeek and from the NHL itself.

Get into the game of advertising.

Although traditional advertising could be seen as disturbing in the middle of a game, some brands have succeeded in offering unique experiences. For example, KFC Philippines created and linked a branded gaming experience to the physical world.

When “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” became more popular during 2020, the brand saw an opportunity. With a dinner area, menus and Colonel Sanders himself, KFC Ph.D. quickly launched its own virtual position within the game. Colonel founders were treated with a code for a free chicken bucket in any of the Philippines’ KFC locations.

Get in the publicity game.

Although traditional publicity in the middle of a game can be considered disturbing, certain brands have managed to offer unique experiences. KFC Philippines, for instance, has created and linked the physical world with a branded experience.

When the brand became more popular in 2020 with the title of “Animal Crossing: New Horizons.” KFC Ph.D. quickly started its own virtual position in the game with a dinner area, menus and Colonel Sanders himself. In one of the KFC settings in the Philippines, Colonel founders were treated with a free chicken bucket code.

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