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The process of constructing a horizontal bag from a single roll of film is known as flow wrapping, or Horizontal Form-Fill and Seal (HFFS). The bottom and ends of the film are heated to form a sealed, flexible packaging that is already filled with contents. Flow Wrapping Machine is used to package a wide range of products, including food and baked goods, as well as everyday home items like stationary.

Horizontal Flow Wrappers:

Horizontal flow wrappers complete three jobs in a single fluid, continuous motion: creating a bag, filling it, and finally sealing and discharging the finished product. Without sacrificing speed, the packaging must be protected, consistent, and professional-looking. Form fill and seal machines are another name for flow wrappers.

From tiny start-ups to major corporations with high-speed requirements, the BW Flexible Systems Horizontal Form, Fill, Seal (HFFS) product line of flow wrappers is the chosen solution. Our horizontal flow wrappers from Hayssen, Rose Forgrove, and Schib offer the best seals, wrapping, and packaging for a wide range of applications, including difficult-to-handle items. Learn how BW Flexible Systems can assist in the development of a tailored form, fill, and seal solution for your product line.

Horizontal Flow Wrapper Applications:

Our HFFS machines handle a wide range of sizes and materials with ease. This allows you to package a wide range of products with ease utilising the same line. This improves your company’s profitability and allows you to take on more difficult packaging requirements without sacrificing productivity.

BW Flexible Systems’ Horizontal Flow Wrappers are used to safely and securely package goods in a variety of sectors, including:

  • Products that have been frozen
  • Produce
  • Snacks
  • Bakery Products
  • Dairy and Cheese
  • Pet and Animal Nutrition

Whatever you need to package, we can create a horizontal flow wrapper to fit your specifications.

All Horizontal Flow Wrappers from BW Flexible Systems come with a lifetime warranty. We will service our goods for as long as you own them, unlike most horizontal form fill and seal machine manufacturers. Our service is comprehensive, encompassing design, installation, and commissioning, and includes lifetime support.

Horizontal Flow Wrapper Installation:

Are you ready to implement HFFS solutions in your facility? For a consultation, contact BW Flexible Systems right away. Our experts will come to your location to guarantee that the flow wrapper we supply fits all of your specifications.

BW Flexible Systems will deliver and assemble the horizontal flow wrapper machine after the system has been designed. We are proud of our equipment’s performance and quality, and we want to be involved from start to finish.

We will teach your on-site personnel to assist you get the most out of your system after it is deployed.

Explore our horizontal flow wrapper options below to see how Horizontal Form, Fill, and Seal equipment may help your production line enhance efficiency and profits today.

Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machines from BW Flexible Systems:

For companies looking for efficiency and industrial construction in their product line, BW Flexible Systems is the recommended horizontal form fill seal machine manufacturer. Find the perfect HFFS machine for your application by learning more about our HFFS machines below.

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