First state in the country brought Corona PPE kits directly from China

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The whole world is shaking with horror. India is not comfortable either. The death toll from the coroner’s corps has increased to 12,000. So far, 12 people have died from corona trauma. As a result, the central and state governments are committed to preventing group infections in this state. Meanwhile, a seven-day lockdown is underway across the country to deal with Corona. Nevertheless, as the day goes on, new information about Corona is coming to the fore.

This time in the lockdown situation, the new state is the first state to take the initiative to address physicians, nurses and health workers. It has been reported that doctors and nurses are working in solitary day and night in the corona situation. In order to protect the hospital doctors and medical staff in this situation, the import of required PPE kits from China is unequal.

Not only that, the Assam government has taken this initiative, thinking of the safety and security of doctors. It was reported that a cargo plane carrying about 5,000 PPE from Guangzhou province of China landed at Gopinath Bordolau International Airport in Guwahati on Wednesday.

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Assam Health Minister Hemant Biswas Sharma said after the kits came directly from China, many countries around the world imported the kits from China before thinking about the safety of doctors and keeping adequate kit ready. This is the first state in India to import kits directly from China.

He also said that around one lakh kits are stored at the moment. Nevertheless, more than 5,000 kits have been recovered from China. So that the kits are not reduced to the unequal government in comparison to the demand. On the other hand, the total number of coronary tract infections is 62. Twenty-two of them were healed and seven died.

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