Why does the train line have such an aluminum box? Excel Counter Box

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Why does the train line have such an aluminum box? Is it work? Learn how it protects the lives of passengers.

You must have seen an aluminum box near the railroad while traveling by train. But do you know why this box is kept? How does this box work and how does it protect passengers? What’s inside this box? It’s known as Excel Counter Box.

This aluminum box is called the “Excel Counter Box”. The box is kept within 3 to 5 km, on the track. The box contains storage devices that are directly connected to the train line. It counters the axle that connects the wheels on both sides of the train. The train counts on Excel every 5 km. This allows you to check if all the wheels are in good condition, from the train station to the entrance. This excel counter box counters excel if a train crashes and one or 2 cans are separated from the track. The box shows the number of wheels on the train. This allows train workers to find out where and why the train derailed or when the container was separated. The railways are then allowed to inspect after the accident.

train line have such an aluminum box

How does this box work?

The “Excel Counter Box” next to the train line counts its Excel as the train leaves and immediately sends its information to the Arbox. The box is also 5 km away and the box is flat. But after the number of excel matches does not match the previous box, the excel counter box in front shows the train a red signal. The number of axles will be reduced when any container of the train is separated. In such a situation, there is enough time to stop the train to avoid accidents. In addition, the box informs the speed and direction of the train.

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