Emergency landing in paddy field by Apache helicopter of Indian Air Force

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When the entire country is troubled against the Coronavirus, the Indian Air Force is fighting beside the people. In the meantime, the danger has occurred. The Indian Air Force’s Apache helicopter is on its way to Hoshiarpur in Punjab. The incident spread to Friday afternoon. The mechanical error was observed only after flying from Pathankot Airbus. As a result, the pilot made an emergency landing. The alert panel is reported to have started to sound alarming.

The Indian Air Force said in a statement that the pilot and crew of the copter were safe. No major damage. In September last year, these coppers were added to the Indian Air Force. A total of 22 copters have been recovered India initially got 5 copies

Indian Air Force PRO or Public Relations Officer Anupam Bandyopadhyay said, “Although there are now eight aircraft, there are a total of 22 such apache.” Although the Indian Air Force has Attack helicopters, Apache will boost morale and add strength to the Indian Air Force. The US military uses the Apache helicopter the most. Apart from this, Japan, Israel, Greece, the Netherlands, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates also use Apache helicopters. This time India also joined the list.

The Apache helicopter is believed to be the first experimental flight on July 27. Needless to say, that flight is also successful Boeing AH-8 Apache Guardian Attack Helicopters are said to be one of the most aggressive copters in the world. On July 28, India received first Apache helicopter 1 These coppers were brought to Ghaziabad’s air force base After several experimental flights, he was taken to the Pathankot Air Force Base for approval for the final phase.

The Cheetah helicopter made an emergency landing on the Bagpat Peripheral Expressway in Uttar Pradesh on Thursday. This helicopter is much lighter than other choppers and is a very high-performance helicopter. As a result, it is much easier to control the helicopter. It is capable of carrying a lot of weight. The Cheetah helicopter crashed in Riyasi district of Jammu in February this year. There were two pilots at the copter. The two somehow got out of the copter before breaking down.


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