Education Verification: Why You Shouldn’t Compromise on Education Verification in Your Hiring

Education Verification

Hiring the right candidate for a job is a fundamental process that contributes to the company’s success. However, not every candidate comes with truthful credentials, especially education details. With many loopholes and unethical practices, like diploma mills, it has become much easier for candidates to produce a fake education certification. As a result, these make it challenging for the employer to hire the correct person for the right position. 

● Education

● Previous Dates of Employment

● Previous Salary

● Lying about Technical Abilities

● Fake Address

What is Education Verification? 

These are just a few of the many lies a few candidates forge, exaggerated and misrepresented facts. Carrying out background verification checks helps eliminate these issues, including falsified education information. These checks are essential because employers can determine the candidate’s skills during the interview, but unethical practices, like fake degrees and subjects, take time and monumental effort to detect. 

These checks take effort because businesses must develop an in-house infrastructure and divert funds and resources. Therefore, businesses partner with companies offering education verification services to carry out the checks successfully.  

With thousands of candidates appearing for your recruitment drive, ascertaining each one’s credibility becomes arduous. By outsourcing it, you can validate their academic records to understand the fabricated ones to secure a lucrative position in your company. This step will eliminate those who have produced fake academic certificates from unaccredited institutions.

Why is Verification a Must in Your Hiring Process?

Every role in an organization has an essential qualifying education criterion which is mandatory to get the job. Hence, there is a steep rise in malpractices where people resort to fake degrees to gain the upper hand in the recruitment process. Such fake details cannot be determined briefly and may cloud the recruiter’s judgment as an employer. 

Moreover, a wrong hire will cause you a loss of money and business, especially while hiring for critical positions. Hence, you should consider a professional education background check for your hiring for the following reasons:

Minimizes Damage Caused by Bad Hires: 

Onboarding candidates who have falsified their education details cannot perform the tasks they claimed to have proficiency over. Additionally, when they aren’t qualified for the job after recruitment, it will indeed cause damage to the organization in the long run.

Save Resources in The Hiring Process:

A DIY background check takes weeks to complete. After recruiting and spending resources on training, the candidate has fake details that lead to loss. Hiring a professional service will help quicker verification and save resources on time.

Verification Helps Eliminate Unethical Candidates:

Candidates who aren’t truthful and submit a false degree breaches trust. Education background verification confirms authenticity accurately, thereby eliminating unethical candidates.

Determine the Value of Foreign Degrees:

It isn’t easy to ascertain the value of degrees from abroad. It requires time, research, and resources, which are all expensive. Education verification can help you with it.

Determine If the Candidate is the Right Fit for the Job:

You can verify the candidate’s claims and determine if they are apt for the role they are taken for. Some services also offer you to gauge their real mettle by analyzing marks in relevant subjects to determine if they are apt for the job.

 Determine if the Candidate is Hiding Their Actual Identity:

People provide false identities to an employer if only for unethical practices like past criminal records or other reasons. Identity verification services will help you find their identity and weed out fabricated identities.

Accurate Results:

Educational background verification services help you receive quick and accurate results to speed up the hiring process. It will help you recruit a qualified, talented and trustworthy individual for the role.

What Does an Education Background Check Reveal?

When you verify one’s educational background using a professional service, you get to ascertain the below factors:

● Verify the authenticity of the schools, colleges the candidate attended

● Verify The period of education meets company requirement

● Authenticate The degrees earned

● Any top honors mentioned

● Areas of Study

● GPA (in some cases)

A stitch in time saves nine, they say. Conducting education checks and employee background checks on time will save you from unprecedented embarrassment or even lawsuits in the future. Save your time by choosing identity verification solutions and make your verification process robust, quicker, and accurate with the help of innovative technologies. 

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