E-commerce Companies cannot supply non-essential items in lockdown

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E-commerce companies will not be allowed to supply non-essential items during lockdown. The Ministry of Home Affairs has made it clear on Sunday.

Home Secretary Ajay Bhalla has said that ‘e-commerce companies are excluded from this guideline, stating that e-commerce companies and their vehicles can carry non-essential items.’

The official Twitter record of the Ministry of Home Affairs has additionally affirmed this data. “#IndiaFightsCorona Supply of superfluous merchandise by e-commerce companies to stay denied during #Lockdown2 to battle #COVID19,” said the representative on the e-commerce companies life stage.

Bhalla tweeted, “The supply of non-essential items from e-commerce companies will be banned during lockdown.”

Two days earlier, the government had allowed the online sales of items like mobile phones, fries, laptop computers, clothes and television sets.

The government had also given a discount for the online sale of many other non-essential items from April 20.

But it has been severely criticized by the Confederation of Indian Traders (CAIT). Praveen Khandelwal, general secretary of the institution said, “More than 4 million retail traders have supplied essential commodities since the lockdown began. Bypassing them and ignoring them, e-commerce companies are allowed to supply non-essential items. ‘

E-commerce companies cannot supply non-essential items in lockdown

CAIT made a scathing attack on e-commerce companies, asking that when the lockdown occurred, these e-commerce companies postponed their operations, now what is the need to give them permission.

Khandelwal also said that if e-commerce companies are allowed to supply essential commodities, then they have no opposition, but why are they being allowed to supply non-essential items.

CAIT wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi opposing such permission and demanded intervention.

The declaration, or rather the explanation, comes after various inquiries were raised by the resistance and dealers about the administration’s choice.

It appears that the merchants made an admirable sentiment about how E-business stages are getting an uncalled for advantage by selling things like cell phones and other electronic things, while physical shops are shut.


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