Does My Car Need a Service?

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When you purchase a car, you will be pleased with your purchase. Buying a car can be easy but keeping it maintained and serviced is a different kind of story. Your car needs a service regularly. It depends on the type and model of your vehicle and how many miles it has traveled. Regularly maintaining your car keeps it running and performing well. It enhances the performances level and sustains its worth. Regular maintenance helps you to avoid severe and significant breaks down that can happen in the future. It doesn’t matter which Ferrari model you have. We have the expertise and in-depth knowledge to service it at our Ferrari Service in Abu Dhabi.

What is car servicing? 

It’s simple but crucial. It is a series of checks and tweaks which a mechanic can carry out to ensure that your car is working in good condition. During your car service, the mechanic will check your car’s brakes, electrical system, steering, suspension system, mechanical system and other systems as well. Your car’s engine is the backbone of your car, so if your car runs on petrol or diesel, they will check and change certain things in the gearbox to eliminate any dirt, dust or grease and replace it with clean and fresh fluids.

Why does my car need a service?

Servicing your car is the best way to ensure it’s performing at its best. If you don’t change your car’s oil after driving a few miles and keep it driving with low fluid levels, you get yourself in trouble shortly as your car may do some severe damage, which will be surprising.

Benefits of regular servicing of your car

Have you heard the proverb “what goes around comes around”? If you look after your car, it will also look after you. If you service it regularly, then the chances are that you will have a safe ride every time you go somewhere. You don’t have any fear of whether your vehicle makes it with you on a long-distance or not. You can rely on your car if the faults have been checked timely. You will see several perks, including better fuel efficiency, increased handling, an improved braking system and a smoother running engine. When you keep your car regularly maintained, it can save you time and money and keep it safe from major and severe breakdowns.

When does my car need a service?

It varies from vehicle to vehicle. It depends on how many miles you have driven your car, and you can also determine from your previous service. Few cars have this helpful feature that will automatically let you know when a car service is due. It will notify you of the exact date by keeping in mind the previous service. It is recommended never to ignore these warning signs or notifications as they help you a lot in the future and keep your car running well for many years to come.

Types of car services

There are three types of car services, minor, central, and complete service.

Minor services

A minor car service includes a :

Tire rotation.

Though they come under a category of minor services, they are equally crucial as major ones.

Major services

The mechanic will check out a few more filters and change a couple of things, such as replacing spark plugs, various filters and fluids, timing belts, servicing air conditioner or heater, and other services related to the emission and ignition system.

Complete service

A full service will add up even more items that need to be repaired or replaced. It depends on your car model. Coolant, power steering, gearbox, brakes, mileage, and the age of your car, everything will be inspected to see if there is any fault or all the components are working in perfect condition.

Flawless Ferrari service in Abu Dhabi

Ferrari is a renowned brand, and it is considered the fastest car’s brand in the world. Ferrari models are not ordinary. It requires a lot of knowledge and experience to repair Ferrari cars. It has advanced engines and machinery, so our team is always ready to repair any issue that occurs in your Ferrari. We have an ample amount of experience, a capable and hardworking team to repair all the issues of Ferrari. So whenever something happens with your Ferrari, please make your way towards our Ferrari workshop in Abu Dhabi. Though there can be many Ferrari workshops in Abu Dhabi, we provide matchless Ferrari repair results. Don’t hesitate to contact us; our team is always available to assist you and repair all the issues you can encounter in your Ferrari.


If you, too, have a Ferrari, you should consider getting your car checked at regular intervals of time. One of the main reasons for getting it fully serviced at least a month is mandatory for your vehicle’s life, and it also makes your vehicle look good, as Ferrari is all about the engine and looking good!

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