Do lab grown diamonds come with any quality certificate?

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Lab-grown diamonds are created by humans in a laboratory, unlike natural ones which are made deep within the earth. Natural diamonds are mined, taken out from the depths of the earth. After that they are cut, polished, graded and then used in final jewellery pieces. These diamonds come with certificates of their authenticity.

Process for lab made diamonds

Lab grown diamonds or engineered diamonds are made in controlled lab environments. The lab technology duplicates conditions that are found within the earth to create diamonds in a laboratory. They have actual atoms of carbon and properties the same as natural diamonds. The material, as well as chemical and optical properties of lab diamonds, are the same as natural ones.

Certification and grading

Lab diamonds are treated similar to natural diamonds. Once processed, they are sent to independent gem labs to be certified by an expert. The process of grading lab diamonds is also the same as natural diamonds. The grading process focuses on the colour, clarity, cut and carat of each gem. The brilliance of the stone depends on the cutand is quite important.Clarity means appearances or lack of defects and cracks. In clear diamonds, the lack of colour means a higher grade of diamonds.  Every stone is examined and then assigned a quality rating. Lab grown diamonds also have a quality certificate just like a natural diamond.

A diamond certificate is proof of the stone’s authenticity. Agencies such as DGLA, SGL, IGI and GIA grade and certify diamonds and are well trusted to do these tasks. The document issued by these agencies carries information such as their original source, anatomy, shade, shape and more.  All real diamonds are certified by these agencies and when buying you must look for authenticity stamps. This is what you need to look for when you buy lab created diamond rings uk.

Benefits of lab-grown diamonds

  • Lab grown diamonds are created in a controlled atmosphere and hence may even have a better uniform quality.
  • They could potentially havehigher purity and brighter quality.
  • They are environment friendly because mining has a huge impacton the environment. Toxins are released, wildlife is affectedetc.
  • They have fewer defects and have more affordability.
  • Rare colored diamonds or colours that are rare in nature can be created in a lab. This is one of the unique facts about lab diamonds.
  • The source for these diamonds is trackable and you can be sure that the workers aren’t exploited which happens in themining industry.

Lab-made diamonds are great for gifting and can be used in all jewellery pieces. They are more affordable and hence you can get more jewellery pieces of your choice or even have a diamond set. They are real diamonds and just because they are made in a lab doesn’t mean they are unreal. They have the same dazzle, spark and look good on rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. A good jeweller will advise you on the best designs and metals when you pick a lab-made diamond and want a customised piece of jewellery.

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