Deepika Padukone shares her weekend travel plan

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People around the world are currently suffering from the Coronavirus. The virus has disrupted the lives of people all over the world. India has issued a three-day lockdown to prevent the spread of corona. Meanwhile, actress Deepika Padukone has announced her travel plan while people from all over the country are imprisoned in her house.

Where is Deepika Padukone going to go this weekend?

Deepika Padukone posted her travel plan for this weekend on Instagram. In fact, Deepika Padukone will never go out of the house. She has posted a map of your home. “Look at this map and tell me where do I go for a vacation this weekend?” This is the question she has asked her fans.

Actor Kiku Sharda has answered in such a funny way. He has given every room in Deepika’s house a name. Deepika’s post is currently going viral on social media. Within hours, hundreds of netizens have reacted to this.

Kiku Sharda

What is the Corona Virus? How to take care

Coronavirus has already been identified as a worldwide epidemic in SARS (SARS), causing more than eight thousand people to become infected worldwide. According to current data, aquatic organisms are not known to transmit such a virus, so it is unlikely that the virus will originate from seafood. In infected individuals, human infection has been identified. The most important organ involvement is the lungs and then the intestine. Traditionally these infections affect people who have very low immune levels, yet they also affect young people who are not sick. Yet until now, no antibiotic or vaccine is available, which is why treatments are being done on a completely natural basis.

In the first principles of infectious diseases, the worst bugs are breaking the cycle of human contact or maintaining contact with sterile conditions. If you think you have an infection, you need to visit a doctor or a nearby hospital. Keep yourself away from others until diagnosis or symptoms are resolved. Traveling to affected areas or contacting people in those areas should be done only after a government consultation or investigation.

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