Lockdown: Death of delivery agent returning home from Delhi, walking 200 km

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Death of delivery agent returning home from Delhi, walking 200 km

After the lockdown, a 38-year-old man was died by thousands of people returning home from Delhi on foot in Madhya Pradesh. He used to work as a delivery agent in Delhi. After the lockdown, the man left for the house had walked more than 200 kilometers and was about 80 kilometers away from his house.

He was one of the thousands of people who are struggling to reach their homes for three or four consecutive days from Delhi NCR. On foot, people are leaving for their homes whether a vehicle is found or not. There is a similar atmosphere across the country after the lockdown. Poor laborers are finding it increasingly difficult to stay in the city due to the closure of work and such people are taking the risk to walk for thousands of kilometers. However, the governments have made their own claims to make arrangements for food and drink and the government has also announced a relief package. But it seems they are proving inadequate. Death of delivery agent returning home from Delhi.

The name of the deceased is said to be Ranvir Singh and he was from Morena district of Madhya Pradesh, about 326 km from Delhi. According to the report of NDTV, he reached Agra on the highway that he fell while walking. A local shopkeeper fed him tea and biscuits. But shortly after, he suffered a heart attack and died.

For the last three-four days, there have been pictures of thousands of people who came out of Delhi-NCR on foot to go to their home state. Let us know that there have been more cases of corona positive in Delhi-NCR. The shutdown amidst lockdown has caused many people to starve. How the crisis is in front of them can be estimated from the picture of Anand Vihar in Delhi on Saturday evening.

Death of delivery agent returning home from Delhi

Thousands of people arrived at the Anand Vihar bus base near Delhi on Saturday night after the news of the Uttar Pradesh government arranging for a thousand buses. This led to tremendous chaos and chaos. In this crowd were women, children, elderly people of all ages. The number of buses could not be reached so that the rules of social distancing could be followed. In such a situation, there was a danger of spreading the virus among the people.

It is not that people are migrating only from Delhi-NCR on foot. Similar images have also come from cities like Ahmedabad in Gujarat, Hyderabad in Telangana. People leaving Ahmedabad are trying to reach their homes in Rajasthan. Thousands of students studying in Hyderabad want to reach Andhra Pradesh. A similar situation was seen in cities such as Chennai, Bangalore. There is no means of transport in the whole country and people have become hungry. In such a situation, they are choosing to reach the house by walking hundreds of kilometers on foot.



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