COVID19 Prevention: Indian Railways cancelled all passenger trains till March 31

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India on lockdown The impact was on the arrival of trains. Trains for days like never before in the history of the country. The communion is going to stop. Railway commuter trains on Sunday during Janata Curfew. Trains will be canceled till March 31. The Railway Department has announced the cancellation of trains till March 31 to curb the Covid19 . Indian Railways says it will stop express / mail trains, intercity trains and passenger trains that will travel to far off places. The services of the Metro trains will also be put off until the end of this month.

As previously mentioned, the suburban trains and the Kolkata Metro trains will leave till midnight on Sunday. These services will cease after that. Covid19 suspects have witnessed incidents of commuting by train. In addition, the Indonesian nationals from India also reached Telangana by train. The coroner confirmed that they were infected with the coroner’s tour. Millions of passengers on trains travel from one corner of the country to the other. But it was difficult for everyone to get tested. Experts also believe that canceling trains to prevent Kovid is the right decision.

Rajasthan has already announced a lockdown till March 31. The Maharashtra government has decided to lock down Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur almost. Punjab has announced a lockdown in some districts. The states of Maharashtra, Goa, Bihar, West Bengal and Tamil Nadu have closed the borders. Depending on the situation, the decision to close the borders will be taken, the Odisha CM  Mr. Naveen Pattnaik said. With the number of corona cases increasing in the country .. There is a feeling that it is not surprising that the whole country has been locked down to prevent the spread of Covid19.

People OF India support the Janata Curfew today. Did not see any public meeting and vehicles anywhere during today.

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