COVID-19 Javelin Sports makes it easy to go back to sports games

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Avelin Sports has announced that their mobile app will launch its new health checklist feature. Sports clubs and teams struggle to return to sport safely following the global pandemic of COVID-19. For this reason, the sports management app of Javelin Sports has three new features: health screening, waiver signing and contact tracking. These features protect sports organisations with their reduced liability and ensure that coaches and athletes know about potential outbreaks and are healthy before they happen.

The in-app health screening process of Javelin Sports is a series of inspections that allow coaches to track their players’ health. The app is also connected to tr

The new Health Checklist feature launched at Javelin Sports on 11 June 2020 helped hundreds of sporting organisations return to sport. “The most important thing to reduce the chance of an outbreak is for organisations to prove that they manage the risk of transmission from the very highest level. This in its turn contributes to fostering an accountable culture for players,” said Justin Ford, Javelin Sports CEO.

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