Coronavirus | Odisha Increases Working Hours from 8 to 12. Also Quarantine Period increased.

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Employees can work 12 hours and get paid more for overtime.

The Odisha State Government’s big decision on working hours. Previously, a worker was required to work 7 hours a day and a total of 72 hours a week, but now the state government has made it 12 hours a day. This allows a worker to work a total of 72 hours a week. You can even work as two shifts and take a half-hour break after 4 hours. Sanjay Singh, secretary of the Information and Public Relations Department, said the government would pay for an extra 4 hours a day and a total of 24 hours a week.

The Odisha State Government, on the other hand, has issued special guidelines for women workers. From 6pm to 6am, female employees cannot work without special permission. So no company will open or allow any movement in the content or blockade area. Most importantly, the government’s new decision on working hours will only work in accordance with the COVID-19 rule.

Quarantine period increased. The quarantine rule will be observed for 28 days, not 18 days. You have to stay in the government detention center for 21 days. Those who return from abroad will abide by the rules for another 4 days. However, COVID-19 spokesperson Subroto Bagchi said the government had issued new directives to remain in custody for a total of 24 days instead of 18 days.

However, the incubation period was extended from 18 days to 24 days as the corona symptoms were likely to appear within 24 days. However, Subroto Bagchi urged everyone to abide by the 24-day restraint rule.

At the same time, there will be more cuts at the defense center. Social distance will be strictly observed at the detention center. Emphasis will be placed on personal hygiene. CCTV cameras will be installed at the detention center. It will take CCTV to find out what is going on inside and outside.

Most importantly, Section 14 will continue around the detention center. “The rescue squad wasn’t called for him,” she told the Associated Press. All movements will also be monitored on CCTV cameras, ”said Subroto Bagchi.


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