Coronavirus in Pakistan: China Sends Medical Aid to help ‘evergreen friend’ Pakistan

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China has come forward to help Pakistan, which is suffering from the coronavirus in Pakistan. China is sending hundreds of tons of medical aid to Pakistan. Not only this, but China is also helping to build a hospital in Pakistan.

  • Now his ‘evergreen friend’ China came forward to help Pakistan in the devastation caused by Corona.
  • China has sent 2 tons of medical equipment needed to treat coronavirus victims to Pakistan.
  • China has sent this relief material at a time when the number of people infected by the epidemic has reached 1363.
Coronavirus in Pakistan

His ‘evergreen friend’ China has now come forward to help Pakistan, suffering from the devastation of Killer Corona. China has sent 2 tonnes of medical equipment needed to treat corona victims to Pakistan. It has sent N95 masks, ventilators, test kits, medical protective clothing. China has sent this relief material at a time when the epidemic has infected 1526 people and killed 12 people.

In the treatment of coronavirus victims, Pakistan’s condition is getting worse. Hospitals do not have masks, protective clothing for staff and adequate ventilators. The Chinese Embassy in Islamabad issued a statement saying, “At least 2 tonnes of masks, test kits, ventilators, medical protective clothing have been handed over to Pakistani authorities. Their price is around 6 crore 70 lakh rupees.

coronavirus in pakistan

Not only this, the Alibaba Group of China has sent 50,000 coronavirus kits by air. Earlier, Chinese billionaire and Alibaba Group owner Jack Ma sent 50 thousand surgical masks and 50,000 N95 respirators to Pakistan. Not only this, the MD of China Challenge Group has given 15,000 protection suits to Pakistani doctors and paramedical staff.

China Will give 100 tons of medical equipment to Pakistan. China will provide 20 ventilators and 20 tons of medical aid this week as emergency aid to Pakistan. B’coz now coronavirus in Pakistan is in very bad condition. In addition, by the next week, China will provide 100 tonnes of immediate medical equipment to Pakistan. China is helping Pakistan build a 1000-bed hospital inside a university campus in Lahore. Corona testing kits and other equipment will be made here.

Imran now afraid of persecution, Coronavirus in Pakistan then corona patients can increase rapidly in Pakistan

Apart from this, Chinese doctors have also reached Pakistan, who are helping the local doctors. China is also going to give Corona a moving machine to Pakistan. This will help treat a large number of corona infected patients. Pakistan has deployed forces throughout the country to fight Corona. The government has taken over large hotels to keep the corona patients isolated.

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