Corona will be able to control, May the ‘disease’ of Communalism go out of control!

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Corona will be able to control the ‘pandemic’, so that the ‘disease’ of Communalism is not out of control!

The ground distance between the famous Shaheen Bagh of the capital Delhi and the dargah of the famous Sufi saint Nizamuddin Auliya is about ten kilometres and can be covered in twenty minutes. But this gap in the mosque of Almi Markaz bungalow located in the Dargah area, the religious gathering of the Tablighi Jamaat made it thousands of kilometres and then came to ‘Number One’ three times in cleanliness by some Muslim fanatics of one area of ‚Äč‚ÄčIndore city Spiked glass, stones and forks.

A stubborn Maulana’s stubbornness not only slammed the hundred-day battle of women of his own religion into a communal isolation ward indefinitely by infecting Corona in one stroke, but also beheaded the heads of the country’s 195 million Islam in India.

How is the entire population responsible?

There is no doubt that when every citizen of India is going through a very delicate time fighting for life and death, strict action should be taken against all the culprits of such non-human activities according to the law of the country. Should be known But at the same time, it is important to be cautious about this danger that in search of the deposits, an entire community is not declared as the main epicentre of the earthquake of Corona and with all the civil rights battles of Shaheen Bagh or similar. Do not be added.

The result of such an attempt may also be that the ‘temporary’ social distancing ‘between two individuals is in the midst of an’ unknown ‘medical epidemic, which is later due to a’ known ‘Communalism disease between the two sects. ‘Permanent’ should change to ‘community distancing’. In such a situation, we will be able to control the ‘epidemic’ but the ‘disease’ will be out of control.

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