Coronavirus: Modi said – On April 5 at 9 pm, light a candle-lamp for 9 minutes

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi released a video at 9 am on Friday. In this, the Prime Minister said that during Coronavirus lockdown the country has shown collective power. The Prime Minister said, “My dear countrymen, the nationwide lockdown against the Coronavirus global pandemic is happening today for 9 days, during which the kind of discipline and service that you all have shown is unprecedented. The administration and the public have made a good effort to handle the situation. The way you greeted those fighting against Coronavirus on 22 March has become an example for the world. ‘

Modi said, “On Sunday, April 5, we all have to challenge Corona together. We have to awaken the superpower of 130 crore countrymen on 5 April. I want you all to have 9 minutes on Sunday, April 5 at 9 pm. Turn off the house lights at 9 o’clock, and light the mobile flashlights, flashlights, lamps, candles while standing at the door or balcony. ‘

‘Do not break social distancing’

The Prime Minister further said, “When every person will light one lamp all around, in this light, let us resolve that we are not alone, no one is alone. 130 crore countrymen are together. During this time, no one has to gather anywhere. It has to be done from the door of the house, balcony and not to cross the Laxman Rekha of social distancing. Social distancing is the panacea for defeating the corona.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Modi said, ‘It has appeared that the country can unite and fight against Corona. The collections of the country have appeared at the time of lockdown. ‘

The Prime Minister said, “Friends, today when crores of people of the country are in homes, one can feel what he will do alone, how he will be able to fight such a big battle alone, how many days will have to be bitten like this.”

‘Nobody is alone’

Modi said in the video message, “It is a time of lockdown but none of us is alone.” It is believed that Janata Janardan is the form of God, therefore, when the country is fighting such a big battle, then it should be continued to interview the vast nature of the people. This interview gives us the energy to achieve the goal. ‘

The Prime Minister himself informed about this by tweeting. The Prime Minister had said that he would issue a short video message at 9 am on Friday. Modi has addressed the country twice in the last one month.

When the Prime Minister addressed the people at 8 pm on March 19 for the first time, he said that it is very important for every Indian to be alert to avoid the coronavirus. The Prime Minister said that to avoid Corona, you have to contribute fully and for the victory of mankind and India, it is necessary to do so. Modi then announced a ‘Janata curfew’ to be laid on 22 March and appealed to the people to cooperate in it.

After this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi once again addressed the country at 8 pm on 24 March and said that the entire lockdown will be done for 21 days across the country from 12 pm on the same day. He said that in the meantime, there is a complete ban on people leaving their homes and every state, district, town and street of the country is being locked. The Prime Minister had said that this is a step ahead of the public curfew and is also very important.

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