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Do you love to explore the world? and the type of culture and food they have? Then the best place to visit will be Barcelona city of Spain. It contains several historic places to visit along with the perfect hangout places i.e., the nightclubs and restaurants of Barcelona.

Restaurants in Barcelona offer a special amalgamate of outstanding dishes, amazing entertainment, and pleasant service along with the Barcelona coastline.

Some of the restaurants in Barcelona have live music and dance concerts for entertainment purposes. They also tend to have DJs who will play the latest tunes.

The Wisdom of fine dining in Barcelona touches a new dimension when you are going to visit the reputated restaurants which make the dining experience memorable. The classy hospitality and the ambiance flavors of delicious food give an ample option to explore the local elegance.

This restaurant increases their horizons to provide the best experience of Barcelona to the tourists.

If you are gluttonous and loves to explore different kinds of food, and hangouts then the perfect restaurant will be the Opium restaurant in Barcelona.

Opium restaurant and bar is located at the beachfront next to hotel arts. Over here you will be able to enjoy the high-quality menus by sitting by the side of the beach. The ingenious sketch and the high level of talent of its DJs make it one of the most popular venues in the flourishing Barcelona club scene. The challenges are quite high when the probability of the club’s sound system arises, and the vital requirement is to provide high tech for the sake of resident DJs and the top-level international DJs as well as the club’s customers. The requirement of high input is on the dance floor with limited buckle and high accessibility. Apart from being powerful, it is also required to circumvent in not generating discomfort for the club goers. Many of the best DJ players have performed here.

Opium club is also the place where you could be able to find some of the celebrities from the field of footfall to enjoy the party after winning each weekend tournament. For them, a big VIP area is allotted which expands around the dance floor. You can revolve with them.

Opium in Barcelona is the perfect spot for a hen’s party as well. It is an exotic space for those looking to experience the very best partying scene in Barcelona. It is a great place to experience late nightlife and gastronomy just beside the sea bed. The space offers a fine fusion of Arabic, Indian and Asian cuisine with the right essence of the Mediterranean, thereby transporting guests to a faraway world where they can have the time of their lives. The lounges for the individuals and groups, together with the open terrace offer a marvelous view of the open shores near the seaside, allowing guests to enjoy delicious food and the best VIP service that Barcelona has to offer. From the late evening, the place transforms into a club surrounded by a glamorous crowd. With tons of events lined up each week, it is a great spot that has a laid-back vibe.

For many of the mortals like us clubbing seems like an ancient pastime. But the arrival of the pandemic i.e., COVID 19 codification has now changed the scenario in clubs andrestaurants of Barcelona. It will remain open approx 2.30 am and it is considered safe enough to party again in Barcelona, WPC2027 is one of the favorite places in Europe. As per the clubbing culture is concerned right in this time of pandemic you will not get the exact experience as it is used to be but can enjoy the epic timing.

New amendments are enforced in the Opium clubs and restaurants of Barcelona to control the spread of COVID19. So, it is much better to follow the rules and regulations to remain safe and enjoy the day.

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