Chemical spray at migrants in up returning home after coronavirus lockdown

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Coronavirus Lockdown: What is one way to prevent the Chemical spray at migrants in up returning home after coronavirus lockdown! Is it not a shameful picture of humanity to send people who flee cities and sit on the streets and then tell them to close their eyes and get a sharp shower of chemicals! Have you ever seen a picture, video or news that people have had a chemical bath with? China, Italy, America in any country? Were those brought from abroad in their own country such chemicals sprayed? No no So why did all this happen in Meerut in Uttar Pradesh? Just because they were workers?

In fact, as workers fleeing the cities, they have arrived in Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh as the workers have sprayed chemicals. Its pictures and videos have been posted on social media. It is seen that the workers wearing security dress are showering on people from the pile. Many policemen can also be seen standing next to them in the video. In the video a person can be heard saying: ‘Close your eyes, close your children’s eyes’. Because if it is chemical then it will be harmful for people. There will be irritation in the eyes. What kind of inhumanity is this?

All this has been done in the name of eliminating the virus. So, the question is, does such a virus come to an end? If these chemicals are used for bathing, then why are chemicals not given to people all over the world?

In fact, this method of disinfecting virus is used on vehicles, roads or inanimate objects where the virus is likely to spread to someone. If a person is infected with a virus, such chemicals have no meaning.

For this reason, it was termed as inhumane behavior and very shameful event. When all-round Uttar Pradesh government and administration were criticized, the authorities were cleared. According to NDTV, an official said, “Chlorine and water have been sprayed on people coming from outside … No chemicals were used. We told them to close their eyes. ‘ He claimed that they were not treated inhumane.

However, amidst all this, the District Magistrate of Bareilly has called for action against those who did so. He tweeted, ‘This video has been investigated, the affected people are being treated under the guidance of the CMO. The Bareilly Municipal Corporation and Fire Brigade team had instructions to sanitize the buses, but they did so because of hyperactivity. Instructions for action against the concerned have been given.

Bareilly Chief Fire Officer Chandra Mohan Sharma also told reporters that the spraying was not for humans. He said, ‘Disinfectants contain chemicals and should not be used on humans. It should not come into contact with the eyes. ‘ He said the video is being investigated.



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