How To Take Care Of Long Hair: 5 Best Tips

Take Care Of Long Hair

It’s 2022, people love long hair, not only women but men too. Most people prefer long hair over short hair because it looks very nice and gives a mature look. 

Especially after the pandemic, many people started not to trim their hair very often. Long hair looks good but it’s very hard to maintain good long hair. As they became weak and thin. 

The reason is simple: we ignored your hair when we decided to go for long.

This mindset is very poor because long hairs require more care. To maintain good long hair we need to focus on your diet too. 

Diet plays an active role. We have to take good minerals through our diet, on average we need to take 12 mg of iron regularly. 

Protein carbs are also very important as they boost the overall growth of hairs, and improve hair fall in a very short time.

Food like fish, Cheese, Milk, Cream, vegetables, Butter, and eggs are very important as they contain good and enough minerals. 

Apart from this use natural herb oil. Oiling is the key. Use different oils to give your hair a good look as well as strength.

Oil also eliminates the fizziness and the dryness of your hair.

So below you will find the best 5 tips for long hair.

Top 5 Tips:

Tip #1:

So we know that hair needs to be washed less frequently. Many people believe 

that washing hair more will make hair look good and nice, which is the wrong approach. 

Washing hair many times will destroy the roots and dry the natural hair oil present on the surface of the head. Wash your hair twice a week, with a good shampoo.

Also, you need to know the correct way of applying the shampoo, most people apply shampoo just on hairs, we suggest you apply shampoo even on your scalp in order to give roots good strength

Tip #2:

Next all we have to do is keep our hair clean and natural. 

Everyone loves smooth clean hair, to get smooth and clean hair you need to maintain a routine, you have to put a good amount of conditioner to your hair, people use conditioner so many times which is also not very good, they use conditioner for styling they put condition even before the comb, this is not good. 

Use conditioner in a good amount and apply conditioner 20-30 minutes before your shower.

Make sure you correctly apply conditioner, not just your hairs apply on your scalp too. 

Tip #3:

The use of natural herbs, natural herbs like coconut oil, avocado, cucumber plays an active role. 

These home remedies work perfectly and in some cases, it works better than an expensive product. We see your grandparents apply this thing on their heads and they have better hair than us. 

Applying oils, yogurt will surely help you. The yogurt, cheese, milk, and better help you to make hair silky smooth and soft. Apply these things overnight for better and 100% results.

Tip #4: 

Avoid using hot tools in styling. Heat is very dangerous for your hair or for your scalp too.

Don’t put heat on your head, avoid dryer and straightener, if you want straight hair it is better to go for the keratin treatment rather than using straightener roughly at home.

And use oils before and after the use of hot tools.

Always try to use the correct hair clipper sizes for styling purposes because the wrong ones might cause hazards for your hair. 

Also, try to learn some good methods of using these tools. 

Tip #5:

Always trim your hair’s split ends, it looks awful and blocks the growth, these split ends need to be eliminated after a few weeks. 

Give your hair a good shape and try to go for a haircut after every 3 weeks. 


All of the above tips are very useful. If you follow all these tips and avoid the thing which we asked you to avoid, you will see a massive change in your hair. 

Long hair looks very classy, but at the same time, if your hair is not well maintained it looks worse, healthy hair always looks different and gives you a different feel.

Before deciding to go for long hair, do oiling regularly and try to stop hair fall. As hair full demotivates every person. 

All these ways are beneficial for your hair health so we conclude this by suggesting you use oil more and hair products less. Using oil is the key. There is no harmful chemical in oils, use oil daily.

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