Can we live without technology?


We have understood that technology occupies a primordial place in society. It is located everywhere, we have cell phones in order to communicate very quickly, or we use the internet, the Gps in cars guide us, we prefer, in the great majority, to watch the information on television, rather than to read the newspaper. in short, technology is everywhere. But have you ever asked yourself the question, can we live without technology? How will we react against the Conficker virus, which threatens a possible attack on many technological media such as computers, telephones or the Internet?

Technology leads to the happiness of humanity

It seems that the happiness of mankind can be engendered because it is called technique. The happiness of its Latin etymology augurium signifying luck, a good omen, an omen and technique the opposition of nature, (as Rousseau said “By his reason man will counter nature.”), She is a realization of man and his mind. Indeed, the technique can bring improvements in living conditions, it can lead to master nature, and free man from material constraints thus leading him to develop his mental faculties, his intellect, then offering him the freedom to think. and flourish, leading to happiness and personal satisfaction. However technology can lead to humanity.

Nowadays, we cannot live without technologies like the computer, the mobile phone, the TV and others. These technologies have become an integral part of our daily lives so much they have advantages. They make everyday life easier for us, and we can argue that almost every technology, from the phone to the car, is aimed at making the effort of humans easier.

The second benefit is communication and change. Modern communication systems have limited the communication time between people. Everyone knows that today communication between different countries is almost immediate. Technology has also boosted the performance of almost every industry in the world. But, nothing is free. Technology has drawbacks that can no longer be ignored. Information now forms a real tyranny over man. It enters people’s minds, often by breaking and entering. Computers are difficult to recycle and industry pollutes the environment in one way or another. In addition, we have become very dependent on technologies, to a point where we can no longer do without them. For example, it is said that the Japanese can only live without electricity for three minutes; exceeded this threshold, all standards explode with calls for protest!

In today’s world, you can’t live without technologies like computers, mobile phones, TVs and more. These technologies have become an integral part of our daily lives and living without them would be unimaginable for some of us.

The advantages and disadvantages of new technologies.

New technologies present both advantages and disadvantages for society. However, new technologies reflect the needs and expectations of the consumer. We can therefore count the following advantages:
It simplifies everyday life. Take the example of a washing machine. It is hard to imagine nowadays how people went about washing their clothes before their invention. But, it was hard work! Almost all of the popular technologies ranging from phones to cars have the ultimate goal of reducing the strain on humans.
A second advantage is communication and mobility. Modern communication systems have drastically reduced the communication time between two people. Today, communication between different countries is almost instantaneous. Travel time is also drastically reduced. Today, we can taste the fresh fruits and vegetables that were still found in their orchards on the other side of the world yesterday.

Global tourism has grown as a result. Technology has also increased the productivity of almost every industry in the world. We produce more, using fewer resources and for more people.

At the medical level, progress makes it possible to treat more diseases and therefore to save many human lives.
Despite these benefits, new technologies also have drawbacks. The following drawbacks can be cited:

Many technologies pollute the environment in one way or another.

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