How to complete CA Foundation Syllabus in 4 Months? VSI Jaipur Tips

Tips to complete the CA Foundation Syllabus

Every year many aspirants register for CA Foundation Exam, but only a few successfully clear it. This vast difference does not come because the failed students were not eligible or held the capacity. But instead, it is because those students lacked the discipline, proper guidance or were unable to complete the CA Foundation Syllabus on time.

CA foundation Syllabus is majorly categorized into 4 papers. And the one who manages to make a good grip on all four papers can easily secure good marks in CA Foundation Result. But here, you must know a proper way to finish the complete syllabus on time. So, we will share with you the best tips by VSI to complete the entire CA Foundation syllabus within four months.

VSI Tips to Complete CA Foundation Syllabus in 4 Months

VSI is a prominent institute that provides the CA Foundation Classes in Jaipur. The institute has mentored lakhs of students and given many AIRs to CA Foundation students. The three AIR-1 in the last six years were from VSI Jaipur. This result depicts that the study pattern and tips of VSI are beneficial.

Here we will provide the significant tips given by VSI to complete the CA Foundation exam syllabus  in four months,

1) Follow a Proper Time-Table

Many students consider preparing the timetable a waste of time, but it is not so. Preparing a timetable is the first stage of completing the CA Foundation course syllabus on time. Then after classify certain days to each subject or topic. Do make sure to stick to the timetable that you prepare.

2) Enroll into a Good CA Coaching

Guidance is the key to your success. This is why good guidance and a proper CA institute or coaching are considered beneficial for CA Foundation aspirants. Now again, many students get confused while selecting suitable coaching classes. So, the significant factors that you need to consider are the features of the classes and the past year’s results of the coaching. Or else, you can join VSI Jaipur institute as it has all the factors that a student needs in the best CA Foundation coaching. 

3) Focus on Statistics and Logical Reasoning

This point is very crucial for the Non-maths CA students. The CA Foundation maths syllabus is divided into 3 parts – Maths, Statistics and Logical Reasoning. The students who have not gone through the basic mathematics in the school should focus on the Statistics and Logical Reasoning part. At least give one hour of daily question practice for this section.

4) Make and Study with Your Own Revision Notes

The CA Foundation syllabus 2022 is vast and students can’t finish and revise it without proper notes. Also, for the last-minute study and revision, the self-made notes are worthy. So, one must make short notes of their own which is easy to understand. Do not mistake copying the entire para or chapters in your notes. Make crisp and short points that summarize the whole para or the chapters.

5) Take Short Breaks in Between 

Taking a short break while studying is like providing yourself with energy boosters. Continuous studying can make it dull and monotonous. So, take small breaks and have some light snacks or have a short walk in the park or balcony. But do not make the mistake of getting hung with your mobile phone.

6) Dedicate the Last Month for Revision 

Students should try their best to complete the entire ICAI CA Foundation syllabus in 3 months to dedicate the last month to the revision. The previous month should include a number of modifications, mock tests, question practising, and many more. This will help you recall the entire syllabus quickly and sustain it until the exams.

Now, along with these tips, students should also keep one thing in their mind. That is to follow only the ICAI syllabus for preparing for the exams. Therefore, you can download the CA Foundation Syllabus PDF from the official website of ICAI. 

Why You Should Join VSI Jaipur Classes?

For successful completion of the CA Foundation syllabus and a better understanding of subjects, a student requires good guidance. This good guidance is available at VSI. This is why VSI is considered the ultimate place by thousands of students to prepare for the CA Foundation exam. Other significant reasons why you should join VSI are,

Exam-Oriented Classes

Timely course completion is the priority at VSI so that students get enough time to revise the CA Foundation syllabus in the last month. Also, these exam-oriented classes are provided by the expert faculty of VSI. These faculties are the ones who have been so long producing AIRs in the CA Foundation results.

Best Mock Tests

Mock test plays a 40 % role in the student’s preparation for the Foundation exam. At VSI, mock tests are taken frequently to ensure the proper revisions. In the mock test, the placement of questions is done very well, covering the entire ICAI Foundation syllabus. This prepares the students for the final paper and gives them the confidence to solve the entire paper.

Personalized Guidance

Personalized Guidance covers the 50% role in the preparation of the student. A VSI, each of the students, is provided with personalized guidance based on their mock test performance. The students are classified into 50 different groups based on their knowledge. So, each faculty member provides the required guidance and study pattern for individual students.

About VSI CA Foundation Classes

VSI provides CA Foundation Classe in three different modes: face-to-face, online, and Video Classes. Students can opt for any of those as per their preference and relevance. The significant features of the VSI CA Foundation exam include,

  • A complete 3 months course for CA Foundation Students.
  • Separate Batches for Hindi and English medium students.
  • VSI study materials cover the entire ICAI CA Foundation syllabus and are available in both Hindi and English mediums.
  • Altogether 6 mock tests are taken frequently to analyze the student’s preparation.
  • Personalized guidance for each student.

Hence, these are the qualities ensured by VSI Jaipur in its CA Foundation Exam. The total fee for the CA Foundation Course in VSI is INR 45,000. You can also become a part of this excellent class for better preparation and CA Foundation results.

Therefore, VSI is the reputed coaching institute that prepares the students for CA Exams. They use the best methods and study patterns and stick to them until the student gets succeeded in securing good results. This is the reason how VSI gave 7 AIR-1 in the last ten years.

So, students are advised to follow these tips by VSI Jaipur to complete the entire CAA Foundation syllabus 2022 in 4 months and get the best result. The same is the reason why a significant number of students pass the CA Foundation exam from VSI Jaipur. So, if you also want to secure results, then register yourself in the CA Foundation Course of VSI.

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