The Future of BPO Companies

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The future of BPO companies – The pandemic has altered our way of living and working today. We witnessed one of the biggest changes on the work front with the workforce turning remote or hybrid and an increase in business/job outsourcing.

Most businesses are now working on simplifying their structure by outsourcing important services. This change has caused the business process outsourcing industry to shine brighter as now they can offer new solutions and technologies.

Business process outsourcing involves partnering with third-party service providers for different business operations. Back in time, manufacturers were the only ones to use BPO but now every other industry uses it and has made it a part of their business models.

BPO in 2022 and beyond!

Remote And Cloud-Based Call Centres are the future

Because of the pandemic, many on-site call centre locations have shifted to a fully remote set-up to help keep their employees safe while still being able to cater to their clients. As the situation becomes better, call centre agents are gradually easing back to the offices.

The pandemic has caused most in-house call centres to adopt a remote work model to keep their employees safe while still working. Post-vaccination, things have started becoming with call centre agents moving back to the offices.

However, a recent survey showed that 58% of the participants preferred working from home, while 39% of the participants wanted a hybrid work model. With the pandemic, we have witnessed a new work model emerge and the statistics show that the majority of call centre agents prefer a flexible work environment where they have the freedom to work remotely. Therefore, in the future, most business process outsourcing companies adopt this new work model.

A Latin America BPO Boom

When we think of thriving BPO industries, we automatically think of Asian countries like China, the Philippines, and Vietnam. In the past, Asian countries have ruled the BPO world but Latin America has been gaining ground as an incredible place to outsource.

Latin America is witnessing a boom in the BPO industry because of affordable labour costs, proximity and compatible time zone with the US, and good English skills.

Scaling of Skills in BPO Centres

Back in the day, BPO services were restricted to telephone contact centres but in recent years, outsourcing has dramatically expanded with the modern bpo centre offering several internal business solutions like accounting, web design, marketing, and more.

BPO companies have started investing in the training and development of workers to cater to businesses and maintain a high standard. With lower-skilled jobs being replaced by automation, most BPO companies have to constantly upgrade their technology and IT departments to stay relevant and on top of their game.

Process Automation is all the rage now!

In recent years, there has been an increase in the use of Robotic Process Automation~(RPA). RPA was initially used for simple tasks like data entry but as our technology is progressing, it is expected that RPA will be doing more advanced tasks by assisting back-office functions. RPA uses AI (artificial intelligence) and bots to complete work faster, resulting in lower operational costs and increase efficiency.

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 Final Thoughts

We must accept the fact that the covid-19 pandemic has damaged people-intensive industries and many business process outsourcing companies took a severe blow. However, this gave an opening to the modern BPO organizations to turn this period of disruption into an opportunity to reinvent themselves and adopt newer ways of succeeding despite the unforgiving situation.

It seems like the BPO industry will continue to evolve and expand in 2022 and beyond. At c2o, we have implemented some of these BPO trends because we always strive to be a step ahead in the game.

Businesses that have chosen c2o have witnessed reduced operation costs and increased efficiency. We provide specialized knowledge and trained agents to help provide strategies based on the client’s mood and product. For more information please email us at Post Views: 1

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