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Are you worried about your carpet’s cleanliness? Do you want your carpets to stay as good as new for the maximum of time? Then Allow Carpet Cleaning Services to serve you with its excellent Carpet scotch guarding services. The expert staff at Carpet Cleaning Services is known to provide you with the best of carpet scotch guarding solutions so that your carpet’s beauty and hygiene remains intact for a longer period of time. Visit our homepage now to request a callback.

What Is Carpet Scotch guarding?

For those who don’t know, Scotch guarding is a special fabric protection treatment that is given to carpets, rugs, upholstered furniture and automotive upholstery after the steam clean process. The scotch guard helps to lock our special treatment in its protective coat of Teflon and prevents it from future staining.

Same Day Scotch Guard Treatment

As mentioned above, Scotch guard is a strong, professional fabric protector, infused with flouroplymers and a special stain stabilizer that puts a stop on soiling and staining. Our Scotch guard application is suitable for use on most carpets and textiles, subject to proper pre-testing and careful assessment from our expert team. Also, Carpet Cleaning Services provides its ultimate Scotch guarding services at the most affordable price. So don’t think twice and call us to give your carpets that necessary boost of cleanliness + hygiene.

Why Should You Go For Scotch Guard Treatment?

Scotch Guard acts as an ultimate protector of your carpets and upholstery. It provides a protective shield around each fiber that guards it against water and oil-based stains. This gives the carpets and upholstery a protective and strong coat which fights against stains, dirt and soiling. Carpet Cleaning Services is here to take all your worries because Same day Scotch guard repels spills and stains for easier cleanup, Our scotch guard is ideal for household items like carpets, rugs, upholstery and lounges, dries quickly and safe for use on delicate fabrics. Lastly, our scotch guard does not affect the fabric’s breathability.

Carpet Cleaning Services is a proud sponsor of providing unmatchable services in carpet and upholstery cleaning across Melbourne and what’s more, it offers same-day services too. So fear not if there’s an emergency where you require immediate cleanup assistance. Our team is available 24/7 and round the clock to benefit you with its expert help and services. Visit our homepage now to request a callback and get a quote.

The Process of Carpet Scotch Guard

The process of the scotch guard is easy and reliable with our expert staff and modern-day equipment. Our expert professional will reach your place and will firstly; remove the furniture from the base. Our staff is friendly and is always ready to give you a helping hand, without any extra charge. Afterwards, he will prepare his equipment for the scotch guard process. Prior to the process, he will check the carpet for colorfastness.

It involves the application of the scotch guard on a small area of the carpet to see if its color comes off when removed with a white cloth upon drying or not. If the results are positive then he will carry on with his carpet scotch guarding treatment. After that, it will require some time to dry the carpet. Our advice is to keep the children, pets and other furniture away from the drying area to speed up the process.  After drying, a vacuum will be done all over the place to assure that there are no white residuals left because of the drying.

In the end, you will be welcoming your new and revitalized carpets with happiness. Call us now to book your appointment and see the difference yourself.


  1. How long does the Scotch guard take to dry?

Generally, a scotch guard takes about 2-6 hours to dry. You can speed up the drying process by removing all your furniture from the base.

  1. What kind of carpets is Scotch guard friendly?

To check the carpet’s flexibility with Scotch guard, our expert professional will assess the carpet for colorfastness. If the results allow him to carry on with the process, only then he will continue. Generally, Scotch guard works well with polyester, polyolefin, polypropylene, acrylic, nylon, and colored wool carpets and rugs.

  1. How often should Scotch guard be applied on the carpets and upholstery?

Call in the Carpet Cleaning Services cleaners for the best carpet scotch guarding services every six months. In high traffic areas, the reapplication might get repetitive.  We would love to negotiate and will give you the price which suits you the most. So don’t hesitate and reach out as customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Added Perks of Scotch Guard Treatment

Scotch Guard Treatment for Carpets coats up each fiber with an invisible UV-resistant shield that repels oil and water-based stains.  Furthermore, when an accident occurs the liquid beads up and remains on the surface rather than soaking in. This gives extra protection to your carpets and increases their resistance and longevity.

 Why Carpet Cleaning Services Should Be Your Ultimate Choice?

Carpet Cleaning Services should be your ultimate choice in all your cleaning needs as it is the King of The Cleaning Jungle of techniques and modern-day equipment. We also offer:

Carpet Cleaning Services, the rates are affordable and there are no hidden charges unlike other competitors, we ensure fast drying process, i.e., drying within 2-4 hours. Our products are completely safe and eco-friendly so your family is in safe hands. Our staff is helpful and will move out all the light furniture with you and that too, without any extra charge. We also provide free deodorizer services and free stain treatment wherever it is required apart from complete odor removal services which you can also count on when you require exceptional sanitization services. At last, we provide no obligation free quotes.  Our customer satisfaction and happiness are our ultimate goal and cleaning years of service has attained it beautifully with its reliable and trustful services.

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