Benefits of Interactive Post Video Marketing

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Interactivity drives engagement

It goes without saying that the consumer’s attention span is shorter than ever. Grabbing your audience’s attention long enough to convert can be one of the toughest battles for a content marketer today.

Fortunately, Interactive post video is here to save the day, and here’s why. Wyzowl found that “creating a game-like experience that captures and holds user attention results in a 591% increase in user activity.”

In Interactive post video marketing, the viewer is the focus.

One of the main goals of video interaction is to give control to the viewer. Control creates relevance for the viewer and encourages them to take certain actions within their journey, which increases the impact of the video content.

Digital brands have realized that video consumers want to be able to jump to different parts of a video and watch content that is relevant to them, breaking through the noise. In addition, marketers know that today’s consumers demand more personalization in their shopping experience.

A popular choice for a reason

Research by HubSpot has shown that 78% of online users watch videos every week and a whopping 55% watch videos every day. In short, video has become a popular tool for digital brands to use in their content marketing strategies.

Through some of the most creative Interactive post videos, brands are creating increasingly effective ways to communicate their story, explain the value of their business, inform their audience and build customer relationships that last, now and in the future.

To continue to grow in popularity, video content is what your customers want to see. Common Places found that 54% of consumers prefer to watch branded videos over other types of content (such as emails, images on social media and even blog posts).

Interactive post video marketing is engaging.

Interactive post videos are simply more fun than traditional forms of video. Consumers like to learn about a brand through an Interactive post video more than any other media.

An Interactive post video can engage the viewer in a variety of ways, from entertaining them with exciting Interactive post content, to providing valuable information to promote brand awareness through clickable “hot spots,” to simply informing them about a brand’s product or service.

Engagement leads to increased sales.

According to Flockler, embedding a video on a landing page can increase conversion by up to 80%. There is no doubt that videos turn content into conversions.

Did you know that Interactive post videos have significantly higher conversion rates than many other types of digital video ads? A study by Mobile marketer shows that Interactive post video ads increase viewing time by 47%.

Flockler also found that more than one-third of online viewers trust video ads. However, Wyzowl showed that Interactive post videos have a conversion rate of over 11%, while Google Ads and YouTube annotations have a conversion rate of less than 1%.

A new way to collect valuable data.

Interactive post videos are an incredibly versatile medium that is perfect for any business looking to collect valuable data for their marketing campaigns.

Adding interactivity at certain points in the video can encourage desired behavior . Raise questions and generate relevant consumer insights. Allowing brands to better understand the viewer. It is the ideal marketing tool to better understand the target group.

For example, Cincopa found that visitors stayed. Up to two minutes longer on a website and were 64% more likely to make a purchase when shown a product video. Brands can use the information from viewers. Interactions with a video to present their audience with the right product videos on their website.

Content is memorable

Consumers like to share their opinions. If viewers can interact with a video, they are more likely to remember your brand. In a crowded digital marketplace, brands are competing for attention and Interactive post videos give them a competitive edge.

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