Are stress and Abdominal Discomfort Interlinked?

Are stress and Abdominal Discomfort Interlinked

Anxiety is a complicated disorder that can affect the body and not only the mind. The stress anxiety causes on your body could result in a myriad of problems. One of the most common of them is stomach discomfort. Pain in the stomach, cramps, and intestinal discomfort that are difficult to explain are all the results of persistent anxiety. 

Is there any Relation between Stress & Stomach Pain?

Stress and anxiety are both closely connected. But they are two distinct circumstances. There is a possibility to feel an enormous amount of stress but not feel anxiety. The causes of stomach pain due to stress are the same. The tension in the muscles, digestive problems of them are caused by stress and could contribute to stomach pain. 

How to Know if I’m suffering from Anxiety or Ulcer

It’s not unusual to be worried that the stomach pain is not caused by stress or anxiety at all. You might, for instance, be worried that instead of anxiety the issue you’re suffering from maybe an ulcer. 

Only a doctor can tell whether or not your discomfort is caused by an ulcer, but there are a few indicators as well. The most evident sign is when there is bleeding in the stool, or acid burps (if you also suffer from acid reflux). 

It’s usually a clear indication of an ulcer. Additionally, if the discomfort or pain tends to happen after eating and isn’t associated with an identical problem, such as GERD (heartburn/acid reflux) could be the cause. Then it might have an ulcer. 

But, this made it more difficult due to the fact that ulcers could be caused by anxiety and stress. Since they can trigger the production of stomach acid. This acidity in the stomach damages the intestinal or gastric lining and can cause open wounds. Which can be harmful to your health. 

Stomach Pain and Health-Related Issues

Due to the increased acidity in your stomach, and the alteration in the way that your body processes nutrients, stomach pain that comes from anxiety could cause problems if left untreated. 

Ulcers are only one of the many examples. People who experience heartburn may be suffering from anxiety, while others have a lower appetite, which means their bodies have fewer nutrients. 

The stomach discomfort that is caused by stress and anxiety isn’t usually hazardous, but it’s nonetheless important to address the issue, as the long-term effects on your health if left untreated could be more difficult to control. 

What is the most likely time for stomach pain to occur?

Stomach pain can happen at any moment if you are anxious, even if there is no anxiety present. Many people feel stomach pain when they experience panic attacks.

It is unclear what exactly links an anxiety attack to stomach pain. However, panic attacks put your body under significant stress and increase hormone levels. Hyperventilation is a common symptom of anxiety attacks that can lead to stomach pain

Is there a food that can Reduce Stomach pain?

Anxiety-related stomach discomfort isn’t usually caused by your diet. However, a poor diet or sedentary lifestyle can increase anxiety. 

Panic attacks can make it more likely that people experience severe stomach pain, even if there is no anxiety. It is possible to experience stomach pain without panic attacks if you suffer from panic attacks. 

Symptoms Related to Stomach Pain

Some anxiety disorders can cause a variety of sensations to change in the body. This is one of the most surprising aspects. Many people find feeling satisfied a pleasant feeling. It can also lead to natural body sensations such as:

  1. Feeling Lightheaded
  2. Slight stomach discomfort
  3. Fatigue

These sensations are normal for people who don’t have anxiety These sensations can be more severe in people with anxiety and can lead to panic attacks. 

How we can Relieve such Stomach Pain?

The stomach pain itself is not a problem. Your stomach can hurt depending on what food you have eaten and how stressed your body is. You may have to wait if you feel stomach pain from an anxiety attack. 

However, water can be helpful. Consider drinking cool water, but not too cold water. Antibiotics can be helpful in certain cases. However, if you experience stomach pain frequently, you might not want to rely on antacid treatment. 

Diagnosing Anxiety-Related Stomach Pain

Stomach pain due to anxiety can be difficult for doctors to determine because the discomfort and indigestion remain physical responses. They are exactly the same kind of response by your body.  These responses would be experienced if you suffered from an organic or physical health problem. 

If stomach pains are intense or are accompanied by symptoms like fever then it’s a good idea to see a doctor. But anxiety is a real cause of stomach pain that could lead to indigestion. 

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