Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos buys New Apartment for $16 Million, know what is special

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Amazon Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos has bought a new apartment for $ 16 million (about Rs 1.22 billion). He has bought this shelter in the US major city of New York. The apartment is 3,000 sqft. The apartment is close to an $ 80 million house in Bezos. According to a CNN report, the new apartment in Bezos has three rooms.

Last year Amazon CEO Bezos bought two new apartments and a property. The new home Bezos bought was sold for $ 111.25 million in 2018. This means that after two years Bezos bought this property by paying 43 percent more. He purchased the apartment through a company registered in Delaware.

In the current situation arising out of Coronavirus, the wealth of the world’s richest person, Bezos, has increased by nearly $ 24 billion. During the lockdown, people’s dependence on the veteran e-commerce website Amazon for shopping has increased. This has resulted in an increase in Bezos’ wealth.

Currently, Bezos has a net worth of $ 138.5 billion. He remains in the first place in the list of world’s richest rich people. According to a recent Forbes list, Bill Gates ranks second on the global list of weathers with assets of $ 98 billion.

According to the report of Mansion Global, according to the earlier listing of this apartment, this house has such things as big windows, high kaufen ceilings, marble walls.

The Amazon CEO purchased the property by means of a Delaware-enlisted restricted risk organization at 212 Fifth Avenue townhouse.

The world’s most extravagant man has added almost $24 billion to his enormous fortune as lockdowns constrained individuals to purchase more from the online business goliath.

Shockingly, the Warner Estate wasn’t actually available when Bezos got it, nonetheless, it was a verifiable truth among exceptionally associated land handles that Geffen needed to sell it. In 2007, Geffen allegedly thought about putting a $100+ million sticker price on the home, yet didn’t proceed with it.


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