Air Purifier to Remove Smoke – 5 Features to Choose For Best Results

If you have smoke in your home or office, you need an air purifier that has a filter specifically designed to remove smoke from the air. And while there are an amazing number of Medical Air Purifier on the market today, knowing which features will give you the best results in removing smoke can save you a lot of time, money and solve the problem. Here are 5 characteristics to look for in an air purifier that can effectively remove smoke from your air.

Filter makeup

Somewhere in the fine print, the  Medical Grade Air Purifier should list smoke, odor, and gas as pollutants that its filter is designed to remove. Different cleaners target different pollutants, so using a smoke-guzzling filter is a first step in the right direction.

Multi-stage filtration

The process used to remove smoke should include several steps in the filtration process to ensure that not only smoke, odors and gases are removed, but fine-grain pollutants as well.

High performance motor

Look for an air purifier whose motor is a permanent split capacitor designed for continuous high speeds (revolutions per minute). This function ensures that your air purifier can be operated for 24 hours without any problems. Whether your smoke is coming from a wood stove, a smoker, or outside of your home, an air purifier with a motor that allows constant operation will keep the air quality in your home or office high and smoke free.

Substantial guarantee

Choose an air purifier with a warranty of 3 years or more. This is an indication that the cleaner is well built, that the manufacturer stands behind the product, and that replacement filters and other accessories are readily available.

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