Air Conditioner Repair

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Most of the problems people face with air conditioners can be solved with simple maintenance and cleaning. Regular cleaning of the air conditioner’s grill and filters can extend the life of the air conditioner and increase cooling efficiency. Particles in the air filter may aggregate and clog the duct, making the air conditioner ineffective. This can be solved by simply cleaning the air filter.

Common problems with air conditioners include poor cooling, collection of puddles under the air conditioner, rattling when the unit shuts down, and malfunction of temperature control. Some of these issues can be fixed by the owner himself without the need for technical assistance. .. The air conditioner manual provides solutions to small problems that are easy to implement.

It is most important to turn off the power before attempting to repair the air conditioner. Removing the grill is an easy task, but be careful if the fan is mounted on the grill, as in some central cooling systems. Also, the wires should not come loose while the grill is removed and the fan is removed. If you have wires that connect the fan to the mainboard, you need to remember those sequences so that you can reconnect them later  ac repair hendersonville.

The fuse may blow or break and the air conditioner may not turn on at all. The fuse is simple enough for anyone to replace. The fuse replacement procedure is described in the manual. Therefore, it is advisable to check if there is a problem with the fuse before contacting a technician.

Another common problem is that water collects under the front of the air conditioner. This may be due to a leak in one of the ducts. A simple replacement will solve the problem and the procedure is described in the manual.

Thermostat problems are difficult to solve. Due to a thermostat problem, the air conditioner unexpectedly cools the room. If the heat pump also fails, unexpected temperature fluctuations may occur. Thermostats and heat pumps should only be repaired by the company’s own skilled technicians.

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