Acting CEO of Google: Exploring Sundar Pichai’s Leadership and the Future of the Company

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, with the Google logo in the background. The image represents the article's topic, exploring the role of Acting CEO at Google and the future of the company under Pichai's leadership.

American multinational technology business Google focuses on providing services and goods connected to the internet and is one of the major search engines in the world. The company, which began in 1998, is now recognised and used by people and businesses all across the globe.

This article will discuss what it means for someone to be the “Acting CEO of Google,” who has held that position in the past, and what the future of Google’s leadership might look like.

Can you define “acting CEO”?

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a firm may be replaced temporarily by an Acting CEO. This typically occurs when the CEO is incapacitated for an extended length of time (due to illness, retirement, or resignation).

During the time when a permanent Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is being sought, it may be necessary to designate an Acting CEO to serve in that role. The Acting CEO is in charge of running the company and making important decisions on a daily basis.

Interim Google CEO

It’s been said that Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, is the brains behind the operation. After co-founder Larry Page resigned owing to health concerns, Schmidt assumed the role of acting CEO. Schmidt presided over Google’s explosive expansion during his tenure, which included the purchase of YouTube and the introduction of the Android operating system.

Schmidt stepped down as interim CEO in 2015, and Larry Page was reinstated in that position. Even after Sundar Pichai took over as Google CEO in 2019, Page remained at the helm until 2019.

Current Google CEO, Sundar Pichai

Google’s current CEO, Sundar Pichai, is a businessman of Indian and American descent. In 2019, after Larry Page’s departure, he stepped into the post. Pichai was previously the CEO of Google LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Google.

Pichai’s primary role as Google CEO is to manage the company’s day-to-day operations. This includes the company’s search engine, advertising products, and other services. The company’s future and development are both directly tied to the choices he makes.

Pichai has overseen Google’s expansion and growth, which has resulted in the introduction of new services and products like Google Assistant and Google Home. Pichai has also been vocal about Google’s attempts to increase product accessibility and diversity.

Leadership at Google in the Future

Google is a global technological leader, and its leadership team is no different from the rest of the corporation. While Sundar Pichai is presently serving as CEO, a new Acting CEO might be named in the future if Pichai were to resign for any reason.

Nonetheless, Pichai is anticipated to maintain his position as Google’s CEO for the foreseeable future.


In conclusion, the Acting Chief Executive Officer position is crucial because it maintains the continuity and stability of a company’s leadership during times of change or uncertainty. One of the world’s top technology businesses, Google, has had a number of Acting CEOs in the past. These CEOs, including Eric Schmidt, have overseen the company’s rapid expansion and growth.

Sundar Pichai currently serves as Google’s CEO and is tasked with steering the company into the future while maintaining its track record of innovation and business success.


How long may an interim chief executive officer serve?
In the end, it all comes down to the fact that the CEO has the last say in the matter. An Acting CEO may be appointed in the absence of a permanent CEO or until the incumbent CEO is able to return to their position.

How does an interim chief executive officer (CEO) contribute to the company?
During a leadership void, an acting chief executive officer (CEO) must manage day-to-day operations, make important business decisions, and keep the organisation running smoothly.

Identify Sundar Pichai.
Google’s current CEO, Sundar Pichai, is a businessman of Indian and American descent. In 2019, after Larry Page’s departure, he stepped into the post.

What is Google’s position on the development of moral AI?
Google has promised to deploy AI in a way that benefits everyone. This includes making its products available to everyone and attempting to eradicate prejudice from its algorithms.

Where do you see Google’s leaders going from here?
While Google’s leadership can and likely will change in the future, Sundar Pichai is expected to remain at the helm for the foreseeable future.

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