A Man has spent two centuries on an Island, which is surprisingly true

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The deadly Coronavirus is on the rise around the world. The public also lives within their own homes, keeping social distance. At this point they stopped watching movies in the hall, wandering outside, etc. They were forbidden to go out or come in unless there was a lot of urgent work.

Now everyone is living in their own home and spending time with their families in different ways. All types of institutions are now closed. The virus has killed millions of people around the world.

The whole world is in danger of being vaccinated because no vaccine has been developed for the virus. India has also witnessed the deadly outbreak of the deadly coronavirus.

An elderly man named David Gleissam, who is almost 76 years old, lost all his possessions in a stock market. He has been living on an island alone for the past two decades. He moved to North Australia’s Restaurant Island after losing his property and family on the 16th.

David now thinks about how to spend the same time, and he has also taken advice from many. He has lost his family and property. And now Japan is living alone on that island.


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हम एक महीने से ज्यादा समय से घरों में कैद हैं. इस दौरान, सिनेमा, बाहर घूमना-फिरना सब बंद है, तो ज्यादातर लोगों का बोर होना लाज़मी है. लेकिन एक आदमी ऐसा है, जो पिछले 23 साल से एक आइलैंड पर अकेला रह रहा है. . हम बात कर रहे हैं 76 साल के David Gleesham की. David ने मार्किट क्रेश में अपनी पूरी दौलत रातोंरात खो दी थी, जिसके बाद वह पिछले दो दशक से एक आइलैंड पर रहे हैं. साल 1997 में अपनी भौतिक दौलत, परिवार खोने के बाद नार्थ ऑस्ट्रेलिया के रेस्टोरेशन आइलैंड में रहना शुरू कर दिया, तब से लेकर अब तक वहां रहने वाले वो अकेले इंसान हैं.

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This man has spent two centuries on an island, which is surprisingly true

So his lifestyle is different from that of the general public now because we usually all live in his family, city, society but he lives alone in one lamp.

“It’s not easy to live a life away from the city,” he said, referring to Online Travel. He also owns two female manicures.
man has spent two centuries

He uses it as his companion. He uses all things that are natural as his food and drink. For example, he relies on rain and mountain water for water. He spends his life eating fish, coconut, cherry, and almonds from the sea. He travels to the outside world once a year.

At this point he buys his much-needed jeans such as brushes, pastes and more. He came here for business. But he loved the place.

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