Sport has become an awfully large social phenomenon. Martial arts, team sports, fitness and more: the offer on the topic is so extensive that it becomes increasingly difficult to not find something suitable for your tastes. But is it possible to remodel one’s passion into knowledgeable activity, because of the nice diversification of this sector?

The world of sport

Never before has society been so responsive to the requirements of health and sport. This suggests that those that want to pursue a career within the sports field face a substantial range of specializations and different sectors during which to figure. Societies and clubs are only an element of the? Market Of reference: after all another interesting outlet may well be in industries that offer products and goods for sports practice. In a different way, however, can be the collaboration with associations for recreational or social physical activity or for gyms and fitness centers. Furthermore, experts during this sector are particularly useful for newspapers, radio, and TV and websites dedicated to sports communication. Not only: even the tourism and leisure industry can become a winning solution, especially for the more extroverted people. If these possibilities don’t seem to be enough, there’s the chance of working for motor re-education and adapted motor activity centers and, finally, for wellness and fitness programs managed by local governments.

The sports doctor

The sports doctor has the task of following the athletes in their competitive commitment, taking care of their muscular state, nutrition, rest times so on. Counting on the sporting discipline practiced by the athlete, the sports doctor, additionally to general well-being, must carefully verify that the final physical aptitudes of his client are congruent with the sporting skills of the particular discipline chosen, and thus favoring his professional success the maximum amount as possible. . Furthermore, it must avoid, or minimize, the risks of injuries, illnesses and accidents associated with sport. No aspect of the patient’s psychological health is overlooked, taking under consideration both the requirements of every individual athlete and therefore the team. The doctor can develop specific and targeted training programs, likewise as spontaneous programs for injured athletes in recovery and rehabilitation. Generally, in professional sport, the sports doctor carries out his activity within the corporate that he’s employed, in close contact with all the opposite professionals of the identical company, as a coach, physiotherapist and psychologist.

Communicating well-being

Sport doesn’t just need athletes and technical trainers: it needs exceptional communicators, especially today. In fact, to push itself fully, sport must be presented not as a straightforward hobby, but by showing its deepest sense as a vehicle for health and well-being. And precisely due to its characteristics of competitiveness and strength, sports companies stand out for his or her particularly ambitious communication. As an example, the core of Nike marketing isn’t selling shoes, but expressing the thought of sport, recreating its strength and poetry. In short, Nike, identifying itself with athletes and with sport in its essence, came into play along with its target, looking forward to die-hard fans instead of mere customers. The development of an identity so strong and rich in content is so advanced that Donald Katz, executive of the multinational, predicts that for them “competition of the long run will come from Disney, not from Reebok”. Therefore, communication within the sector appears particularly dynamic, in perfect harmony with its values. A very interesting challenge for those that want to mix two great passions: communication and sport.

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