A Complete Guide For Custom Bakery Boxes

A Complete Guide For Custom Bakery Boxes

Custom Bakery Boxes are specialty cardboard containers used to package baked goods. Some bakery boxes are more rigid than others. However, most fall under a corrugated box. They are typically made with a single layer of corrugated board (corrugated fiberboard) with a strong kraft liner on either side. It will protect the exterior from grease or condensation.

What Is The Corrugated Board?

Corrugated Board is a folding material commonly used in large volume packaging items. It comprises three layers: 

  1. 2 outer liner boards with flutes running in opposite directions
  2. 1 inner fluted kraft paper core that serves as the middle layer

The outer structure creates air pockets which create cushioning, while the inside liner retains rigidity. The flutes are stronger than the linear strength of paper fibers.

Why Do You Need Bakery Boxes?

Your customers should know what is in your bakery boxes by the outside appearance. Remember that most people will not even open a box if they think what is inside doesn’t look appealing! It’s essential to use the proper bakery box for your product. Also keep their looks decent on the outside with a professional finish. If your product does not look good or must adhere to specific nutritional facts, you may purchase custom bakery boxes. If you sell more products from flatbreads or baguettes, then bakery bread boxes may be the best choice for you.

Types Of Bakery Boxes

There are many specialty bakery box styles available, including:

  • Cake boards
  • Wedding cake boxes
  • Cupcake boxes
  • French bread trays
  • Pie carriers
  • Hamburger
  • Hotdog buns 
  • To name a few

The most common custom bakery box is the standard corrugated box with no special features or flaps. If this design meets your needs, then no extra charges will associate with them! Other designs that require additional materials or production time will incur an extra charge on top of the base price for each box ordered.

Styles of Bakery Boxes

    1- Standard bakery boxes – Used for light cakes or muffins

    2- Cake circles/ Covers – Support the weight of delicate cakes

    3- Pastry boxes – Protects pies, tarts, turnovers, quiches

    4- Layer cake rounds/Covers – Supports multi-tiered cakes

    5- Cupcake boxes/Cupcake holders – Keeps cupcakes in place and upright during transport

    6- Hoop carriers – Sturdy design works well with long loaves of bread used for sandwiches

    7- Pull tab carriers – Designed with a full flap for slicing bread without breaching the product

    8- Produce boxes – Perfect for fruits or vegetables

    9- Decorative (gift) Boxes – Can be found at bakery supply stores.

   10- Custom made boxes – Allows manufacturers to create unique packaging to suit their needs

    11- “Tin tie” closure – Aluminum foil crimps around box flaps keep items fresh and secure

    12- Tuck end closures – Flaps lock into place for a secure fit when closed

    13- Slider top lid 

   14- Screwcap closure 

If you need bakery boxes, many options are available. Ask your local designer if they offer different styles. Which one work ideally in your product line. Most companies will offer a suggestion and even create custom boxes if needed.

What Types Of Bakery Boxes Wholesale Do You Need?

This depends on what you are selling. If you are selling standard sized baked goods, then you will need Bakery Boxes Wholesale. Perhaps even a bakery bread box if your product size is appropriate.

Choose cake boxes if you’re selling cupcakes, wedding cakes, cake flights, etc. Companies also offer white kraft paper cupcake liners in bulk for individuals who want to package their cupcakes!

Corrugated bakery bags are available for products that require extra moisture protection, like bundt cakes or cookies/biscotti with icing. A bonus of using corrugated bakery bags is the ability to hot stamp them with your company name and logo.

Do Any Custom Bakery Boxes Have Flaps?

Yes, some specialty boxes have flaps! Remember that any bakery box with a flap is classified as a middle level box. It involves more time and material in construction. Typical boxes with flaps would be French bread trays, pie carriers, cake boards, hotdog/hamburger buns boxes.

Price Range For Bakery Boxes?

The cost for bakery gift boxes varies by:

  • Size
  • Quantity ordered
  • Additional options (hot-stamped logos)
  • Type of design

You can also look through product catalog to see what fits your needs best. Afterward, contact the company with your needs to receive your quote. If you need customized versions of existing designs, you can get that too! 

Bakery Boxes Improve Your Product Sales

Like a toothbrush is a staple in most bathrooms, boxes are a staple in most food industry product lines. Often, it’s not just one box. There may be multiple types of bakery boxes on hand to accommodate popular products and ranges from the company.

Custom Printed Bakery Boxes provide companies with an economical means of packaging their products for many reasons: 

  • Protection against damage or contamination
  • Improved product presentation
  • Keep perishable items fresh longer

Further benefits include ease of preparation when stacked together in storage before being dispensed to employees during use. Ease of disposal after use without creating excess trash need to be share out. And since baking often requires many ingredients or perishable items that require extra care. This helps ensure that the products reach customers in a good state.

Bakery boxes usually consist of several separate components, including:

   1- Base – Used to support and position inner parts of the box

   2- Body – Container for product protection and presentation purposes

   3- Lid/Cover – Prevents debris from entering, protects products from contamination

   4- Handholds – To make it easy for people to carry or transport them easily

   5- Window(s) – To allow consumers to view contents before purchase

Boxes can be made from various materials, including:

  • Paperboard     
  • Fiberboard
  • Corrugated board
  • Fluted paperboard         
  • Plastic     
  • Waxed paper     
  • Aluminum foil

Printed Bakery Boxes are great for all baked goods! Find out what types of custom bakery boxes will work best for your product and how much they cost. The minimum order quantity varies by style, size, and design features.

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