8 Signs of Excessive Masturbation and Method to Avoid It

excessive masturbation

The entire world is now connected with the internet. This connection also enabled the easy access of adult content to the public and increased the number of people addicted to masturbation. However, masturbation is a healthy habit that can be useful in knowing your body correctly. But  Excessive masturbation can cause many problems in your body and mind. So knowing the symptoms of excessive masturbation will warn you to control your habit at the right time. So read the following List and Identify the Symptoms before they appear in front of you.

1. Agonizing Genital

 Excessive masturbation is the leading cause behind Agonizing genitals. This Agonizing genital also come with the Swell or rashes in the genital. A Disease called edema also occurs as a side effect of excessive masturbation. In which swelling appears in the genital due to stopped bodily liquids.

2. Low Sperm Count

 Many men are addicted to masturbation, but doing it in a controlled way may help you. But excessively doing it will start showing its side effects. When you yank regularly, it affects the body’s ability to produce sperm by lowering the testosterone level in the body.

3. Dhat Syndrome

“Dhat” is the most common symptom of excessive masturbation found in men. In this dhat syndrome, sperm start passing through the genitals when men urinate. This syndrome later becomes one of the Major Causes of Premature Ejaculation in men.

4. Focus Problems 

Men who are addicted to masturbation have a common problem of focusing on things. They always look for reasons to escape from work and Studies. They are constantly distracted with their thoughts about their next adventure on yanking and miss the detail of their surroundings. 

5. Social Distancing

People addicted to masturbation usually avoid social gatherings and love to spend their time in their rooms. They behave awkwardly in public and are always looking for an escape from the situation. 

6. Night Fall 

 People that have extreme exposure to adult content suffer from Nightfall due to their dirty thoughts. Nightfall is the significant Side effect of masturbation that leads you to think dirty and wet your pants in Dreams.

7. Redness and Rashes

Redness and Rashes in the Genital area are Some of the side effects of excessive masturbation. These Rashes may increase the chances of skin infection and swelling in the genitals. An easy way to steer clear of these rashes is to control your Masturbation Habits.

8. Low Self Esteem 

Most of the people addicted to musterbation are dealing with their anxiety and daily life tensions. They find yanking their way to escape reality and find a sweet and relaxing time in their room. So if you are one of the addicts, you have to deal with your daily life problem and stop escaping with yanking.

Masturbation Is Healthy 

Yes, Practicing Masturbation is also a healthy habit if Done in a controlled way. With Healthy masturbation practice, you can discover your body’s functionality, Get more familiar with the sexual experience, and Increase your performance in bed with your partner. All of this can happen if you practice them in a controlled way. 

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5 Ways to Control The Excessive Masturbation 

There are several ways to Control excessive masturbation. But all you need to do is be in control of your thoughts and Practice these methods Regularly. 

1. Keep yourself away from the adult content and busy your mind with other tasks and work that entertain you and keep you busy.

2. Control the constant urge of masturbation and decide a date or time when you will do it. Till then, try to control your cravings.

3. Try to sleep on time to avoid any unnecessary thoughts in your mind.

4. Practice Yoga or exercises to keep your mind calm and focused on work. These exercises will also increase your testosterone level and keep you healthy.

5. If you seem that your habit is out of control and you need guidance. Then ask an expert and follow his advice.

Bottom Line 

 Finally, you reached the end of this article. It’s up to you to control your habit of excessive masturbation. You learned about its side effects and ways to control it. So keep them in Mind and Practice and try to control them before you become an addict.

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