7 HR Software Types to Enhance every Stage of the Employee Lifecycle

Employee lifecycle diagram

Employees are among the most valuable assets of a company. The efficiency and management of an organization’s workforce can make or break a business. Therefore, creating a positive atmosphere and a nurturing environment for its employees is the obligation and a requirement for an employer. There are many ways to create a positive experience for employees; however, the best is to utilize top-of-the-line technology. The most effective solution is HRMS software. There are a variety of models available, one for each stage of the employment process.

Talent Search, Application and hiring are the three main phases of an employee’s career. The several HR software in the market that automate and streamline all-inclusive HR operations.

Would you please continue reading to find out about the different types of HR software and what they do to enhance employee satisfaction step-by-step in changing phases?

Recruitment and Onboarding Software

The first step is to identify and select the ideal candidate for your organization. After that, HR software could be used for any function such as posting job vacancies and tracking applicants and shortlisting candidates. It also manages interviews and tests. Now, most recruitment solutions can also execute the onboarding formalities such as filling forms, arranging induction classes, executing joining customs, and exchanging crucial information with the latest joiner. The beginning phase of employment is thus made finer by using such software applications.

Attendance Management Software

Then, the employee’s biometric data is stored within the system, allowing them to keep track of their daily in-and-out timings and attendance. This ensures that employee absenteeism and turnout is accurately recorded and that appropriate monthly payment is made. In addition, lateness and early departures are also detected by the software. It prevents the chance of being a proxy present, handles holidays and leave and helps with payroll process and processing.

Software for Learning Management

Employers are responsible for developing employees’ skills after they are properly enrolled in the system and have been capable of adapting to the process. Thus, an employee joins an organization to improve their financial standing and enhance their competencies. LMS (Learning Management System), is used only to train and develop. It involves up skilling courses and activities, queries and tests, metrics and reports to track employees’ performance and award certificates upon completion. Thus, through the LMS, employees gain knowledge and can apply it to benefit the organization ultimately.

Software to manage Payroll

This is by far the most complicated HR process. Payroll processing concerns the employee’s remuneration and must be done right! Payroll software India is employee-centric and efficient enough to ensure smooth administration of Payroll. For instance, whether it’s time and attendance synchronization, salary calculation, tax filing, payments/reimbursements and direct deposit or benefits, and pay administration and compensation administration, the payroll system will manage everything!

Performance Management Software

The employee is deeply engrossed in the organizational system. The time has come to start tracking and measuring the performance of employees. PMS (Performance Management Software) permits KRA (Key Results Area) assignment as well as KPI (Key Performance Indicator) evaluation to evaluate the abilities and strengths of each employee. This software helps to recognize the most exceptional employees and award appraisals to everyone based on the performance reports.

Recognition Software for Employees Recognition Software

Recognition of employees is made simpler through the results of the performance management system. There’s not one company that doesn’t conduct the R&R (Rewards and Recognition) program. It is an important element of the employee engagement and retention process. Every year, employees get presented with awards, certificates and medals. This method of rewarding employees for their achievements and exceptional efforts impacts overall performance and productivity, thereby boosting employee morale and the growth of a business.

Exit Management Software

The same way that HR software is employed to locate and employ employees, exit management software is utilized to manage employee resignations. There is a broad range of duties for HR professionals after an employee leaves. With the help of exit management software, the entire process can be automated and quickly completed. These functions include conducting an exit interview, submitting resignations, accepting the manager’s resignation, issuing a relieving letter or dues certificate or NOC.

Bottom Summary:

The main point is that if, as an employer, you plan to make the entire employment for your workforce worthwhile and rewarding, then you must stop manual tasks. There is no room for old-fashioned or inefficient methods in the rapidly evolving world. Therefore, it is a smart decision to switch to the most appropriate HR software for your organization.

HRMS software is designed to manage all the HR tasks in an organization with the help of an automated system. It can handle tasks like employee management, employee onboarding/offboarding, attendance trail, payroll management, employee work history, etc. Ultimate Business System (UBS) provides HRMS software that streamlines all the HR tasks in the organization.

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