7 Best Fax Apps for Android Phone in 2021

7 Best Fax Apps for Android Phone in 2021

There are unlimited fax services out there that people can avail themselves of by keeping in mind their fax requirements. You can now fax through email with the help of a trusted fax service. If you are looking for a variety of fax services to pick from, you will find a great list here where you can get to know about their main features and how they work.

Go through this article till the end to find out which fax apps are here on our list today for you to look forward to. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will be able to find the best one for your faxing needs.

What is Google Fax Free?

Google Fax free includes any kind of fax service that allows you to fax via Google products. You can easily send and receive faxes through any type of Google Fax service, and most of them are free, so there is no need to spend anything on it.

You usually can fax via the internet as fax functions on signals that are analog that are provided by a telephone line through the internet works on digital signals. Remember that Google doesn’t offer its free fax service, so to fax, you need to employ a third-party Google Fax Free service that could do the work for you.

1). CocoFax

One of the primary and foremost fax services in our ist today is CocoFax. This application has everything that you need to rely on in all kinds of fax necessities. You can trust this fax service because it provides you with high-quality results and ease of utilization.

Some unlimited customers are currently using this app and love it because of its variety of features. If you cannot use this fax service or need to ask any questions, then CocoFax is your app to go for. This service provides you with 24/7 customer support assistance. In case of any help, you can take their professional advice, and they will guide you in the best way possible.

If you visit the official website of CocoFax, you will choose from the wide variety of fax covers that are there to pick from. These fax covers are being made by keeping in mind the requirements of your business needs. You can choose your favorite fax cover and use it according to your preference.

There is a mobile application that you can use for the sake of faxing from email easily. There is no need to be worried about having a fax machine with you as you can do all the faxing work on a mobile device. The fax service works for all kinds of operating systems to make it work on all kinds of devices, whether it is an android or iOS.

Using fax services is environment friendly. You can eliminate paper usage and go for the green solution to play your part in reducing pollution. This will also allow you to save the money that you were previously spending on the papers. You can utilize this amount elsewhere and make your organizational structure stronger.

It doesn’t matter what business needs your firm has; this fax service is good and acts fine with all types and sizes of business corporations. You can make it work with all business organizations without any trouble.

The physical labor you put yourself through when using emails and other services to send your faxes was tricky to deal with, but now as you can do all the faxing work with a single click, there is no need to worry about it.

CocoFax offers you complete security with the highly encrypted service and makes sure that your faxing experience remains safe. You can leave your worries behind when it comes to privacy breaches as this fax service makes sure that everything remains secure.

2). MyFax

This is another fax solution that allows you to do all the faxing work without any trouble. This fax service is another best choice if you need to do all the faxing work efficiently and quickly.

To use this service, there is no need to go through anything complex as the commands are simple, and you can make the service work without any issue. It doesn’t matter what operating system you all have, and using the fax service, you can make the app work without any problem on all kinds of electronic devices.

3). FaxBurner

With the help of FaxBurner, users can make the application work according to the requirements of their fax. You can use this tool without any issue as the device is simple to use. This service is free initially, but if you need to exceed your fax tasks, you should then go for the paid version.

Using this fax service is pretty simple as the service does all the challenging work on its own. If your primary concern is to look for something easy to use and best in performance, this is your best call.

4). FaxPro

This fax service is an excellent addition to the world of fax services. It has incredible features, and the quality of the application service is good and speaks for itself. You can choose this tool if you need to complete your fax tasks with safety.

FaxPro provides you with all the necessary things that people need to look into a trusted fax service. It is free of cost, so this is another perk that we can interlink with this tool.

5). FaxFile

With this fax service, you can do your faxes work on android, iOS, or any other electronic device. The application is good at performance and has dynamic features that will last long. FaxFile has everything that people need in an advanced fax application.

It doesn’t mean all the work on its own and doesn’t ask you to do anything complicated. You can make the service work by following a few simple commands. This fax service is the best option that you can rely on.

6). PamFax

This is the second last android phone fax option that you should know about. This is an old fax service and is in the market for quite some time. You will find everything in this single application as it has some of the best features you should look for. PamFax comes up to the level of all your business requirements and sends your documents with complete safety. This is the ultimate choice that one can go for.

7). PC-Fax

With this fax service, you are allowed to send one page every day for free. You can send faxes to 50 countries. For an inbound faxing experience, you need to go for the subscription plan. This application has everything that one needs to consider while using a fax service.

The application does all the work while keeping in mind the safety of the users and makes sure that their private documents remain safe, so if your primary concern is to go for something that offers you high-quality performance and total security, then PC-Fax is your best option.


Choose any of the applications mentioned above that you think suits your faxing needs according to the nature of your business. We hope that you will not find anything better than the list we have enlisted here. You can learn more about these apps by visiting the websites or contacting all your concerns.

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