6 Paths to work that you can take without a degree in college

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According to the United States Census Bureau, the percentage of Americans 25 years of age or older with a bachelor’s degree at least jumped 7 points in the last ten years from approximately 29% in 2010 to 36% in 2019. But without a college degree, there are career paths you can dominate.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, about one in three U.S. adults is a 4-year degree. And in future years, if the trend continues, the number of university graduates will probably grow significantly.

There seems to be a losing proposition not to go to college. Many employers regard educational achievement rightly or wrongly as an intelligence and competence representative. Any CV wit therefore

6 career paths Without a college degree you can dominate

So it’s an unprecedented conclusion that you need to graduate for four years in the current labour market? If you skated by only a high school diploma until now, should you return to school?

Nope. While not all paths of work are open to people without high school qualifications, high school graduates still have career opportunities. Highschool graduates can dominate a number of areas with an astonishingly high income potential and positive prospects for employment growth.

Here is an instant picture of the best opportunities for college graduates.

Sales and investment of real estate

The housing market is slowing and flowing, but the trend is rising.

That’s good news for aspiring immobilisers and investors. Neither job requires a four-year university degree, but agents and brokers must pass licencing examinations and gain market experience before they can actually set up independently. Investors also need some start-up capital, which is much easier for those who target turnkey properties in lower-cost markets.

In any event, immobilisation professionals are limited only by their willingness to work. Not a piece of paper for their experience.

Sanitary, electric, and HVAC

One is not converted overnight into a master plumber, electric or HVAC technician. This career path requires years of training and hard work. But a college degree is not necessary. And the profit potential of these fields is more impressive than expected. Six figures can easily be achieved by plumbers and electricians in business.

Sustainable Energy

A place for marking your career is the renewable energy industry. The waves of the future are renewable energy and every part of the field is undergoing an unprecedented expansion. Although the generation of solar and wind power is not as labour intensive as dirty alternatives like coal and gas, companies still need numerous capable entities to instal and maintain turbines, photovoltaics, transmission infrastructure, and much more.

In almost any part of the renewable energy supply chain and structure, skilled technicians will always manufacture all the necessary components in this extensive and extensive resource. Few renewable energy entry levels need to be created.

Management of the project

In the early years of their careers, many project managers learned about the fundamental principles of their industry: how to build homes, design infrastructure, assembly products, design websites and deliver healthcare. Thus, you probably will not end up in the high school with the selection of a project management show. However, a more comfortable occupation is awaited when you work hard to show that you (and other people) are better capable than your colleagues.

Management of hospitality

Each year, hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues run more efficiently, but still need skilled professionals to manage them. Those professional do not have to prove that they have spent four years learning clothes in all but the most exclusive hotels. Instead, a two-year degree in cooking or hotel management is all you need, and not at all.

Trading of securities

High-speed algorithms lift mostly in a modern securities trading environment, although people still find subtle patterns which are missing from machines. Plus, because we are telling them to, algos care only about cash. So you don’t need a fancy grade to make your way on the market when you have a great tolerance to risk and a healthy drive to maximise profit.

Master your career and your field without a college degree

What have all these areas together? First, they all pay well, including those unknown to millionaires minting. You may not become rich as a traveller, but you can pay for your bills and live a solid, middle-class life.

Everybody’s here to stay, too. Clearly, technology and automation are designed in the near future to disrupt virtually all work. But without human electricians, web developers or renewable energy technicians, it’s not easy to imagine a world. Even after robots and algorithms take over their lucky work, people will always need places to live.


Therefore, you have lots of career choices if you don’t have a college degree and you do not plan to have one. The direction you choose depends on your preferences and the work you do to make you happy and to support your lifestyle.

Know that you have lots of options. Search for the best opportunities to find and build on your life’s great success.

Ask yourself and find someone in the area you are looking for. Find information in your field of choice and, still better, get advice from your predecessors. You now have numerous options and statistics show that you have many different options

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